TeamBonding is Taking a Page from McDonald’s Marketing Plan

I can get inspiration from anywhere but I never thought it would be from my neighborhood fast food place. Truth is, it’s not just my neighborhood restaurant, McDonald’s is one of the most successful worldwide brands and they just introduced a similar strategy to my company. Maybe they were inspired by us?

Here’s what they say about it:

“We know our customers who travel abroad enjoy sampling our international menu items. Because we are always innovating our menu, we are thrilled to leverage our global scale and offer popular flavors from around the world to our U.S. customers,” said Linda VanGosen, McDonald’s Vice President of Menu Innovation.

Global Strategy

This global strategy is exactly what we are doing with TeamBonding as part of the Catalyst Global Network, a partnership of 47 team building providers covering 90 countries. We too have customers who have teams in the US and abroad and we are now leveraging our global scale to offer popular team building events from around the world to our U.S. customers. We have a sample menu of the most popular global team building programs here.

New Programs

TeamBonding has added some of the most popular team building programs from around the world including Beat the Box, created by our German partners, Boom Time,created by our French partners, the Global Innovation Game created by our Irish partners and the Infinite Loop, the world’s first VR team building event from our partners in Tunisia. As I write this, my son is in Israel having lunch with our Israeli partner.


We are Global Now!

As a U.S. partner, we are local and we are also global. Every day we share best practices, popular programs, successes and helpful tips on being the best we team building and training provider can be. Just last week we did our Ice Sculpting event for a client who hired us in Miami and in Wroclaw, Poland. Our partner in Poland helped us source the ice, the tools, and the staff.

So thank you McDonald’s, I think I will try something from your global menu and thank you Catalyst for welcoming us as part of your global team. There is so much more we can learn and we can share as one of the largest team building and training companies in the US.

At TeamBonding we think globally and act locally not only in our program design but on our team. One of our event managers is from Germany, our marketing coordinator is from Ecuador, our Adventure Activities facilitator is from the U.K.

As a team building company we build bridges, literally one program does it with chocolate and another with cardboard. Where in the world can we help you?

David Goldstein

Founder & COO


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