Team Building Events & Outcomes

We spend most of our waking lives at our workplace so it makes sense that our work environment should be a place for friendship, fun and of course – high productivity.

What many people fail to realize is that a truly effective workplace successfully embraces creativity, innovation and rapport within a team of individuals.

One way to ensure a workplace runs smoothly is through the implementation of team building events. Such events not only offer an avenue for socializing – something many hard workers have little time for – but also forge deep bonds between colleagues, enhance employee satisfaction and fosters a positive work ethic.

Team building events are a crucial element to any successful company and come in a variety of forms. Events can involve popular outdoor activities, including competitive challenges like races or assault courses. Team building programs can also involve less physically strenuous indoor pursuits, such as murder mystery parties or traditional pub games.

successful team building events

The psychology behind team building events is quite simple and, once managers understand the positive impact such events have on their employees, many will see a tangible improvement in workplace productivity. The idea is to encourage employees to take pride in being part of a group of individuals, all with similar goals. As well as providing opportunities for self-development through learning, team building events also aid effective communication within the workplace, by forging friendships and learning the art of good problem solving skills within a group.

Positive team dynamics are one element which team building successfully harnesses. A good team dynamic will offer individuals the ability to provide solutions to various problems and will encourage each member to give and receive relevant feedback. Likewise, effective team dynamics will lead to a natural appointment of a team leader – an individual on whom other group members will turn to for advice whilst understanding that the team as a whole is accountable for all decisions and actions made.

Competition and Team Building Events

Although some team building activities incorporate an element of competition, as a rule this is kept to a minimum to avoid any negative impact on the workplace environment. The ethos of team building relates to the idea of a group of employees as ‘whole’ rather than individual competitors. A sense of achievement can be fostered through the introduction of reward based activities, which reflect both the successful endeavours of the individual and of the entire group. This can also be achieved through dinner party events.

team building dinner events

The bonds forged through successfully organized team building events readily filter through to the workplace, leading to an increase in output and a more harmonious working environment. Team building events also increase employee flexibility and strengthen individual focus on workplace tasks. Once an employee recognises the need for effective communication and learns to rely upon his or her colleagues, their confidence increases and they commonly maintain greater loyalty to their employer.

Employee morale also inevitably increases with the introduction of regular team building activities. Many attendees report a sense of wellbeing and forge lasting friendships with those who they would otherwise view as simply ‘colleagues’ rather than friends.

Do you have any thoughts or experiences from taking part in team building events worth sharing? Let us know and don’t forget share this article; who knows, if your manager follows you on Twitter, or is a friend on your Facebook account, this post may well inspire them!


Ophelia Todd

Team Contributor


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