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70% of US workers are not engaged at work. Only 40% of the workforce knows about their company’s goals and tactics. 43% of Engaged Employees receive feedback at least once a week, compared to only 18% of employee with low engagement.

It is clear that communication in the workplace should be encouraged by all companies, but how? There are many tactics you can use, but here are 3 team building activities that boost communication in the workplace starting today.

1. Spark Communication: Team Building Events

If communication in the workplace is poor or just needs a little boost, hands-on team building events provide a platform to jumpstart your efforts to improve results.

Team building events can provide fun ways to bond with your team on their own; however, organizations see greater and longer lasting benefits when an event is planned as part of a larger strategy to accomplish specific goals.

pipeline helps boost communication in the workplace

Teams looking to boost communication in the workplace learn practical skills through hands-on activities like Pipeline and Chain Reaction. Both programs require real teamwork, inter-team collaboration, negotiation and competition.

Participants must communicate seamlessly, troubleshoot their designs, and find a perfect balance between uniqueness, functionality, and attention to detail. The techniques you learn can be applied directly to your work.

2. Practice Communication: Applied Improv

Applied Improv is a curriculum designed for soft skills and leadership development.  Through participating in improv exercises and games, you develop vital professional skills. This is not about becoming a comedian or just having fun as a team.

Improve communication in the workplace with ComedySportz team building workshops

You will not learn how to tell jokes or deliver a theatrical performance. This approach puts the principles and techniques of improvisational theater to work in non-theatrical venues.

The strongest outcome of applied improv programs is improvements to communication in the workplace. Applied Improv focuses on self awareness, conveying the importance of your message, and techniques for developing and maintaining self confidence. You also get better at paying attention and listening to others.

Where is ComedySportzRight now in the world’s top organizations, the tools of improvisation are helping individuals and teams to deal with change and complexity.

Dynamic and thorough programs like the TeamProv Workshop teach the essential – yet often overlooked - communication and listening skills that will consistently improve the quality of your work.

You can practice throughout the year to kickoff meetings with exercises like Yes And. . .

Time: 5 minutes

Who/How: Pairs simultaneously

The Basic Idea: Partner the players and ask them to decide who is A and who is B. Ask A to make a statement (“The lunch today was great.”). B is to reply with “Yes, and. . .” and make another, somewhat related statement (“Yes, and we got to eat two desserts!”). A continues with “Yes, and. . .”) (“Yes, and then I had tons of energy from all the sugar.”). Etc…

Possible Specific Debrief Questions at the end:

  • What are the obstacles to agreement?
  • How does it feel to be consistently agreed with and consistently agree?
  • What was it like to unconditionally listen so intently to someone? To be listened to?
  • Was it easy or difficult to build upon what each other was saying?
  • How can this technique be helpful to you in your working with others?

3. Nurture Communication: Office Gamification

Simple, daily activities at work can make your workdays more engaging. Although some forms of technology can be distracting, there many effective bite-sized employee engagement and communication strategies made possible by technology.

Gamification is the process of using gaming elements in non-game situations to make them more productive. Officevibe focuses on daily team building activities that make your office motivated and engaged.

office vibe nurtures communication in the workplace

The OfficeVibe platform compliments tools like Yammer, which facilitate communication in the workplace. By focusing on making participation fun for the employee in the first place, gamification encourages good habits that will boost and nurture communication within your team.

Has team building helped you boost communication in the workplace? What activities have worked? Failed? Do you know why?

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