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By: gail ramberg|June 25, 2013| Save This Idea


Team Building facilitators are event and team building experts.  You are a business expert. Those are not the same thing.

You have built a successful career, managed and supported successful teams through successful business endeavors and basked in the glory of some substantial…success. A lot of your success stems from knowledge and experience that you have developed over time. That’s why you’re so important to your team and to your company.

You’ve hired consultants before, right? Perhaps for their expertise? Many of us will work with a third party for projects like marketing, accounting, and even human resources. Why not team building?

successful team building expert

Team Building facilitators have spent time developing events based on the specific needs of different groups and challenges presented by different venues, timelines and even weather. They are familiar with the content, timing and language useful to maintain event flow, keep energy high and accomplish successful team building.

They know what it takes to create and run an event that will meet your goals and have your team raving and working well together about it for years.

Sure, an “outsider” does not immediately know you or your team very well, but a professional facilitator will take the time to understand your specific needs and align them with their expertise. Plus, hiring a third party can open your team up to new ways of thinking since there are no preconceived ideas and attitudes.

successful team building expert

Hire a great facilitator for your team building events, help them with the initial planning, then let them run the show.

Experiencing the event as a spectator or participant will allow you to see things about your team you would never notice if you were more directly involved in running the event. Now that’s some successful team building!


“T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More.”


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