4 Tips On How To Shake Off A Work Rut

June 25, 2019

Amanda Deiratani

Team Contributor

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What happens when you find yourself,
and your employees in a work rut?

 Don’t worry, it’s pretty common. That’s why TeamBonding is here! When you don’t have anything new, inspiring, or challenging happening in the workplace, you may find you and your employees in a work rut. Let’s talk about these 4 tips for getting out of a rut at work!

1. Organize An “Unplugged” Activity 

Leading technologies can sometimes hinder our ability to think outside the box with our own innovative ideas. Step away and unplug yourself from your phone and tech devices, and encourage that suppressed creativity in your team! Innovation directly impacts company growth and development. When there is nothing new in the works, things get stale. To prevent that, creating and keeping up with trends is a flash forward to success in today’s world. Start with a group activity such as a lunch, walk, or event to jump start new ideas. That project you have in the back of your mind? Do it. Anyone can be an innovator.


 2. Increase Collaboration

Ask your team what their challenges are. How can you help? Inspiring collaboration will only lead to creative solutions. You have nothing to lose!
Not only will this boost your team’s productivity, but it will revitalize and strengthen your team.


3. A Fresh Look

Initiate change. Change is inevitable, but necessary for success!
• Discuss new, innovative ways to overcome challenges.
• Are there any areas that need improvement?
• What do you do to encourage your team to be successful?
• Can you liven up your work space?

Encourage change, and you are one step closer to motivating them out of that work rut!


4. Incentive for Improvement

Reward your employees by letting them know the positive impact or progress their idea has had. Recognition is a reward in itself.

Here at TeamBonding, we know how important these steps are to keep your team out of that work rut!
To encourage creativity and innovation, we introduced a new team building activity called The Global Innovation Game. Team members generate brilliant new ideas as a team in a creative environment, then they pitch and invest! This game has been developed out of a need to step away from every day tech devices, and  gets everyone openly talking and developing new ideas. Not only is this activity fun, but it rewards those who are most innovative.

Check out a preview of the game below!

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