Rickety Rackety Car Derby

Just like professional racing, the RICKETY RACKETY CAR DERBY is about crew and driver. Your group will be split up into smaller racing teams whose goal will be to build a custom concept car for a people-powered race

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This event has bonded more teams than we can count but has finally run its course and is now considered part of The Departed. Below you'll find a scrolling list of additional events that are considered great alternatives. If you really loved Rickety Rackety Car Derby and think it should be brought back from The Departed, let us know by voting using the button below!

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Why this event?

This car building game is the ultimate in teamwork, skill, development, use of resources, and trust as teams build various styles of cars. NASCAR has nothing to compare with these racers! Your teams will build and decorate a car that will race against time and other entries to see who will get to the Winner’s Circle. Just like professional racing, the Rickety Rackety Car Derby program is about the crew and driver.

Successful car building requires total teamwork including problem-solving, creativity, focused leadership, thoughtful decision making and clear assignment of each team member’s role and responsibilities. As the car takes shape, teams are ready to test drive, detail and make final mechanical adjustments before the big race

The climax of this Rickety Rackety Car Crash Derby Outdoor Team Building Game is when teams present their “Tricked Out” cars at the starting line. Drivers then race through a series of qualifying heats. Each win gets them closer to the checkered flag that will determine which race teams will be crowned champions!

Your team building event comes complete with sound, music, decorations, and awards for the top two teams, plus all necessary car building supplies and tools.

*the video above is a tailored version of this program created for the U.S. Bobsled team who are making, what else, bobsleds!

Team size
  • 30 - 300+
Time needed
  • Approximately 1.5 – 3 hours
Space requirement

An empty parking lot or large paved area is ideal. We’re also happy to stage this event in a large indoor space. Depending on the size of the group the minimum will be 5,000 – 10,000 sq ft.

Ideal for
  • Communication Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Planning and Accountability
  • Collaborative Idea Sharing
  • Trust and Relationships
  • Competition
  • Physicality
  • Creative Problem Solving

*the video above is a tailored version of this program created for the U.S. Bobsled team who are making, what else, bobsleds!

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