Corporate Idol

Music - Team Building - Fun

The Corporate Idol program connects people’s universal passion for music with your conference or dinner in a fun, risk-free environment. No musical ability needed. Learn valuable communication skills your team will be able to take back to the workplace.

Corporate Idol

Corporate America’s got talent and here’s your chance to show yours! At the Corporate Idol program, teams rewrite lyrics to famous songs and perform them in an unforgettable team building activity inspired by the hit TV show American Idol.  

Background music tracks are provided for each band so they can rehearse for their big performance.  An exciting assortment of professional costumes (wardrobe) are also provided to make the grand performance unique and memorable! Teambonding’s costume trunk includes: wigs, boas, scarves, sunglasses, Blues Brothers hats, capes, hats, gloves, masks and a whole lot more. 

Our facilitator/MC hosts the performance. On stage and under the lights, teams perform for the judges. The big evening performance features a professional TeamBonding Master of Ceremonies, plus all the trappings of a real concert. This can include a draped stage area, stage lights, smoke machine, etc. We also provide a large prop box filled with fun and funky performance-enhancing accessories. No wonder so many clients arrange to have their event videotaped!

The judges – either VIPs from your company, or from our team – comment on each performance. But, they don’t have the final say. The audience does! After a brief commercial pause – during which teams can get refreshments – the votes are tallied.  Then, the winners are revealed and teams receive their awards.  Cue the American Idol theme music!  


Group size

Up to 150

Time needed

2 – 3 hours

Space requirements

A conference or dining room large enough to comfortably accommodate your group with a sound system, with an open area of approximately 12’ x 24’ to create a the stage area . If available, an actual stage or riser will add to your event’s ambiance and excitement.

Additional space must be allocated for each group to create their presentations privately; a large meeting room or a series of small breakout rooms, one per team.

“A thousand thank you’s to you and Rob who facilitated and exceeded our expectations (and yes, that is directly from my clients mouth!). Working with your team was a breeze and made my job easier and made us look great. I hope we can partner again on future projects, as the evening was a hit (no pun intended).”

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