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#1 Carpools, rideshares and biking. Oh my!

Going green isn’t just about what you do at home. If you’re spending 40 hours a week at work, that’s likely over 35% of your waking life in an office. You may have noticed that for a team of people, that much time in the office can all add up to a lot of waste.

BUT, there’s also a lot of opportunity to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint just because you care. Plus, you don’t need to be a manager to implement change.

Green your ride.

Does your office culture support carpooling? Get some rideshares started!

The average roadway commute to work in the US is 26 minutes long each way. That’s a lot of time that your team could spend getting to know each other better, brainstorming ideas or just debriefing from a long day. Plus, your team may get to work even faster and reduce the stress caused by traffic in cities that have HOV lanes.

If you have a small team living in homes that are spread throughout an area that would make carpooling difficult, check out programs like eRideShare. Even if your team members are not commuting together, they’ll bond with you, your company and each other over the shared benefits of resources.

  • green team building ideasGas is expensive.
  • Wear & tear costs more than gas.
  • Driving is stressful.
  • Socializing is good for you.

Does your office have a bike rack? Get one! You can even build biking to work into a corporate wellness program. Two birds, one stone.

Do your research, show by doing, and create some momentum with your team. Positive changes will occur and your team with build stronger bonds because you care about green team building.

Have some carpooling or rideshare ideas? How about green team building activities? Please share!


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