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By: Samantha McDuffee|December 22, 2013| Save This Idea


It’s easy… right? You just need to find the right people with the required skills and put them in a room together, and you have a well-oiled team. They’re smart, and they know their stuff: they’ll figure out how to get the work done…except it doesn’t always work out that way.

Team bonding activities are a great way to build relationships that will improve your team’s performance. These activities help members of your team create bonds that are as authentic as they are deep, you will truly have teamwork at work.

We provide a foundation for team building that lasts beyond your TeamBonding event; however, you’ll have the most success after your event by incorporating team bonding activities into your company culture throughout the year.

1. Office Icebreaker Games

Office Icebreaker games are an excellent way to find people who have similar interests as you. Employees want an intrinsic connection to their work and their company.

2. Games Beyond Icebreakers

You can get a lot of free team building games online. Although the site hasn’t been maintained in a while, Wilderdom still lists quite a few team bonding activities on their website. You can also find a helpful and categorized list of ideas at the Team Building Directory.

3. Volunteering As A Team

Run for charity. Golf. Build Homes. Collect food. Volunteering as a team is a team bonding activity that lasts. The camaraderie that teams develop when they volunteer together is sustainable and robust. Kick off your annual plans for volunteering with a charitable TeamBonding event.

4. We Are Family

Host team bonding activities for employees’ families at work to help employee families develop friendships outside of work and cement team bonding in the workplace.

5. Office Gamification

Platforms like Officevibe improve and shape your organizational culture. Companies like Google, Zappos, and Nike know how to motivate their employees. Their secret for high employee engagement is focusing on improving what Officevibe refers to as the big five: Wellness, Productivity, Social, Environment, and Generosity. Having a strong balance of the five facets of company culture leads to happier employees and a great environment. Officevibe incorporates this into their gamification platform.

Office gamification enables your team – whether remote or all working under the same roof – to bond on their own down time.

6. There’s More!

Check out the DIY team bonding activities on our blog. We also have a free eBook that help you get the most benefit and better results out of your team building event, plus some free office icebreakers.

What team bonding activities do you use at work?


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