Blocked Perspective



Blocked Perspective helps to improve communication and allows the practice of healthy conflict resolution by group discovery of the value of differing perspectives. Participants in group sizes of six to thirty are challenged to accurately recreate block structures in this communication game for team building.

This fun activity is engaging and helps all team members see how their perspective is not necessarily the correct one or the only one of value. As participants engage and work together to solve the initiative they soon come to realize that by taking time to gather and consider all perspectives they are better able to be successful.

You’ll want this activity for your bag of tricks!

Perfect for:

  • Exploring the complexity of working collaboratively when everyone seems to have a different perspective
  • Open communication and consideration on how the perspectives of others will help you better understand your own viewpoint

What's Included

  • Each kit includes:
    • 50 high-quality wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes
    • 25 photographs
    • Instructions for how to play the games, and debrief 5 game variations for level of challenge
    • Instructions on how to adapt games, allowing your groups to have multiple experiences with the same initiative

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