Add to Flipboard Magazine. Leadership Qualities found in Disney Movies

If you stop and think about it, Disney movies teach valuable lessons about the power of encouragement, teamwork, and leadership.

Many of these qualities are essential to young children,  and to our backbone here at TeamBonding as well.


5 Disney Movies that exhibit leadership qualities & team building

Disney Movies with Leadership Qualities

1. Cinderella – Dress Making Scene

In this clip, Cinderella’s clan of critters joins forces to cheer up an overworked and under the weather Cinderella. Together they were able to flawlessly tailor a beautiful dress that enabled to Cinderella to go to the ball and meet her prince. Because Cinderella is a kind and caring leader, her team is willing to go through loops and bounds to make her happy.

When at work, if you ever notice that one of your co-workers is feeling overwhelmed or a little blue, perhaps consider getting the office together to help cheer them up. It doesn’t have to be something as grand as dress tailoring, but perhaps a chocolate bar or a simple e-mail of encouragement will do.

2. Mulan – “I’ll Make a Man out of You”

If anyone ever needs a pep talk – I tell ya this would be one of the first resource I would consult. Believe it or not, this song was on my high school soccer team’s pregame playlist.

“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” exhibits a strong portrayal of leadership. Captain of the Imperial Army, Li Shang, instills a sense of unity into his group of misfits. As you’ll notice at the beginning of the clip, the recruits can barely get along or get out of their own way. However, thanks to Shang’s leadership skills, he is able to create a band of trained and focused brothers.

If ever you feel that your office is in a bit of dishevelment, be a leader like Shang and find a way to glue the pieces back together. Our team building events are a great way to build or fix relationships.

3. The Lion King – Rafiki, Simba & Mufasa

Rafiki is one of Disney’s greatest mentors. Seriously, though. He asks all of the right questions. Not only that, but he is also able to lead Simba to find his father and the answers Simba has been missing

If there is someone new to your company, be sure to take on the role of Rafiki and help this person gain comfort and confidence within the office. Mostly everyone is nervous on their first day, if not their first month, so use our icebreakers to help this person find their mold and become part of the team.

4. Toy Story 2 – Crossing the Road

Sometimes it takes a little strategy, creativity and influential leadership to get from one point to another, whether it is crossing the street or changing an aspect of your company.

In this clip, Buzz takes on the leadership role as he guides his fellow toys across a busy street. However, if you were to take on Buzz’s role, be sure not to leave behind quite so much destruction in your path.

5. Remember the Titans


Remember the Titans truly is the quintessential team building movie. There are no number of clips that will do it justice. You really just have to watch and know the whole movie to understand the complete transformation made by this high school football team in the early 70s.

If you feel like your team needs a reminder of how to overcome obstacles and stride towards victory, make them watch Remember the Titans as “homework.” This movie will remind everyone how powerful a team can be.

Can you think of any movies with leadership qualities that we should add to the list?

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2 Responses

  1. Sheeba says:

    You can add the scene from Kung Fu Panda 1 where Shifu figures out that to train Po, he needs to use unconventional methods. Not the conventional ones. Thus, showing that a true leader will make use of individual motivations. He will adapt his techniques to what works with the trainee.

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