No matter your company’s size or industry, your employees are one of your greatest assets. And it’s in your best interest to keep them happy—apart from the ease of a positive work culture, strong team dynamics deepen trust, foster communication, and improve collaboration.

Today, team building inevitably looks a little different. With work-from-home or even hybrid structures the new norm, virtual teams can’t simply grab a drink after work the way we used to pre-pandemic. If your team is remote for the foreseeable future, virtual team building activities can help fill the happy hour void. They can also alleviate the sense of loneliness that can arise when you work from home and do not get the same level of social interactions we used to find in the office. In a time of new norms and virtual teams, unique team building activities are a reminder that we’re in it together.

There are a lot of great team building event ideas out there. The right one for your company depends on your specific needs and structure, but it’s generally best to bring the team together through non-work-related activities. After all, the strongest connections form organically, and team building is most effective when it doesn’t resemble another day at the office.

The sky is truly the limit. We’ve seen coworkers bond online and off, through cooking, comedy, music, scavenger hunts, quirky games, and more. Here are some of our top team building event ideas to inspire your planning. With hybrid, virtual, and in-person options, we’re sure you’ll find unique team building activities perfect for your company’s structure.



Sometimes, say, during a pandemic, it’s impossible to meet in person. Try these virtual team building activities to keep the connections strong from afar.

At The Virtual Races

The best games are often the simple ones. Designed for teams of any size, At the Virtual Races is a game of strategy. Though each player has a choice of just three actions, no two games are ever the same. It’s a fun and easy reminder that teams are most powerful when they work together.

Virtual Museum Scavenger Hunt

Nothing cures WFH cabin fever like a trip to the Smithsonian or the Louvre. Blending collaboration, culture, and the power of play, our virtual museum scavenger hunt options are as flexible as they are fun. Whether you’re scavenging from the comfort of your laptop, mobile phone or iPad, or playing individually or as a team, your TeamBonding facilitator will guide you every step of the way.



Build camaraderie among your on-site and remote employees through these fun hybrid team building activities.

Virtual Happy Hour and Mixology

The perfect blend of work and play, our Virtual Happy Hour and Mixology activity will show you why the best teams are like a well-made cocktail. With a flexible format, you can throw a completely virtual happy hour or enjoy handcrafted drinks with a few members of the team.


One of the most popular game shows is also one of the best ways to connect your team. TeamBonding’s Jeopardy option turns your employees into star players, using the same format that you know and love. Choose company-centric questions or keep it light-hearted and fun—your call.



In person events are, more and more, coming back — and better than ever. Our worldwide network of partners can help coordinate whenever you’re ready.

Breaking Barriers

An empowering and energizing experience, Breaking Barriers builds the confidence your new employees need to succeed. When you’re smashing through boards, you’re also breaking through personal barriers. Every participant leaves inspired to take action like never before.

Ice Cream Challenge

Collaboration is the ingredient to great teams, and to winning ice cream. Discover the flavors your team can create through the Ice Cream Challenge, a delicious, competitive, and unforgettable team building adventure.

As these team building event ideas show, whether your company is virtual, hybrid, or in-person, there’s no shortage of ways to bond and grow together. Our event facilitators will make sure it all runs smoothly, so you can actually relax and just have fun with the rest of the team. Maintaining a sense of connection is more important than ever. TeamBonding is here to make it happen. Learn how we can tailor unique team building activities to your company’s needs.


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