Let’s Play Bingo – Online

We took BINGO online and it’s now more interactive than ever! With Virtual Wild Card Bingo, you’ll play different themed rounds competitively for an exciting and fun activity your team will love. 

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Interactive, exciting, thought-provoking, and fast-paced fun!

Get ready to play some Virtual Wild Card BINGO!

Everyone loves a good game of bingo: it’s simple, fun, and promotes healthy competition. Our wild twist on this classic game will have participants play rounds of online bingo that include Human Bingo, Trivia Bingo, Music Bingo, and Speed Bingo. We keep it fun and friendly in this fully-hosted event. Instead of calling out numbers, your facilitator/emcee will play music or show visuals as you cross off squares on your board. 

Take it up a notch and plan to have prizes awarded to the winners! 


• Trivia Bingo can be customized to your company or be pop-culture fun questions based on the information you didn’t know you knew!
• Music Bingo – bring back the 80s, relive the 90’s today’s hits, determine the song title and try to find song titles on your virtual bingo card based on singer, songs, or genres.
• Speed Bingo – keep your focus as you’re blitzed with bingo numbers to determine who has the cover-all in this fast-paced version.
• Human Bingo –  is an icebreaker that helps people learn interesting facts about each other. 

Team size
  • 6-500
Time needed
  • 60 minutes
Space requirement

Each participant needs a computer with a webcam, microphone and stable internet connection. This program is typically presented via Zoom. If you prefer another video conferencing platform, just let us know.

Ideal for
  • Virtual communication
  • Interactive 
  • Fun & Motivating 
  • Friendly Individual Competition 
  • Builds Morale 

We can incorporate any holiday theme, company message, branding, or history into the game(s).  Just tell us what you have in mind.

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For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping teams like yours enhance open communication and build team camaraderie. If you want to rekindle the bonds your team once shared, or you’re assembling a new virtual team for the post-pandemic world, we are here to help.

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