Team Ukulele

In this fun event, your group forms bands to create new versions of popular songs. Everyone has a part to play. Some write, some sing, and some work out their team’s choreography. Of course, some will even play the ukulele.

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Why this event?

Music is much more than a universal language. It’s also a powerful force for aligning teams of every type. The experience of finding a shared artistic vision, then working collaboratively to turn that vision into reality, can bring people together like nothing else. Plus the ukulele is so easy and accessible, even a kid can learn to play. 

The uke is also an undeniably happy instrument, with a friendly sound that brings out feelings of optimism, cheerfulness and joy. We’ve chosen state-of-the-art Kala Color Chord ukuleles. They sound great, and color-coded markings on the fretboard show you exactly where to place your fingers for each note. Kala’s Learn To Play app makes it easy to learn basic chords quickly, and covers over 1,000 songs. 

After everyone rehearses their chosen tunes, each team will perform their number for our judges. This is always entertaining on many levels for the entire group. Once the big finale is over, they can either keep the instruments or we’ll be happy to donate them to the Hungry for Music Foundation, who distributes them to aspiring young musicians across the globe.

Team size
  • 15 - 200
Time needed
  • 2-3 hours
Space requirement

This event works well indoors or out. Either way, you’ll want a space large enough for each team to have their own table. You will also need a raised stage area for the team performances.

Ideal for
  • Creating and collaborating as a team 
  • A chance to be silly and have fun, leading to better productivity
  • Breaking down barriers and facing fears in a safe space
  • Inspiring out-of-the-box thinking
  • Relaxation and motivation

TeamBonding is all about customization. We welcome your individual touches to this event. You can choose a theme for the songs each team writes, add props and costumes, even choose ukulele colors. Just let us know what you have in mind.

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