Ice Sculpting – Anchorage

The folks who live in Alaska are no strangers to ice. Venture into the world of team building in Anchorage, where the ice that is so much a fact of life becomes a tool for personal growth.

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It’s easy to get involved

Teams are given a block of ice, sculpting tools, safety equipment and training, instructions and a carving demonstration. Based on a theme provided, participants first decide on an image, then they sketch and set the design using chisels, then they chip and remove unneeded ice which results in a cookie cutter-like version of the image they had, then they shape and smooth and add small design elements. They also work together to come up with an entertaining presentation. An instructor will work with each team, providing assistance where needed, and helping ensure everyone finishes on time. There’s a degree of fun competition between teams, so participants are even more inclined to contribute and get involved.

The result: A lasting feeling of accomplishment

Ice Sculpting is the perfect team building event for both small and large groups of coworkers that may not work alongside each other on a regular basis. It’s designed to help build stronger working relationships, and given that the average person has never participated in an ice sculpting activity, the challenge forces team members to work outside of their comfort zones. Teams work together to make decisions and do the physical work, and as a result there’s a lasting feeling of accomplishment. Participants quickly learn they have creative and artistic skills they may not have been aware of, especially when collaborating as a team.

Great locations for this event.

The Hilton, Anchorage Alaska

500 W 3rd Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501, USA
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