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Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Escape Room Experience

Feel the thrill and enjoy the mystery of an escape room in your own home! In this mind-bending addition to Escape Room the Game Board Game, you collaborate with your teammates as you find yourselves inside the escape room with cardboard VR Glasses that will turn your smartphone into a Virtual Reality viewer. Download the corresponding app and then choose from two exciting adventures: Submarine and Behind Enemy Lines. Trapped in a submarine or crashed with a helicopter, the players must work together to complete the adventure successfully , but there is not much time to do this. In just one hour, all tasks have to be solved in order to win together! The interactive environments to the adventures are 360 ° scenes with many hidden puzzles and moving objects. Only through good communication will players be able to solve all tasks. Be a part of the adventure with this unique team building board game that no one will ever forget!

Today is the last day of your mission, which is being conducted just off the coast. While you and your colleagues are setting up the camera to film the reefs in the front compartment, you suddenly hear a loud bang. A collision? A torpedo? The submarine shakes on all sides, the lights and computers shut down and then you hear a frightening scraping sound. It is as if you have gotten stuck somewhere. You see the emergency lights that indicate that the generator responsible for charging the batteries is broken. The sub is damaged and may even have sprung a leak. There is just enough power in the main battery to generate oxygen for an hour. There is too little power to operate the sub electrically, so you will have to perform all operations manually – everything from navigating to locating and restarting the engine to rising to the surface. Luckily, you find the old fashioned emergency manual! Your lives are on the line…

Your mission is to take aerial photographs of a number of locations indicated by informants. It is a dangerous mission as hostile groups are active in this region. Fortunately, the helicopter is piloted by a strict but fair Captain, a decorated veteran who knows the inhospitable region like the back of his hand. Once all of the photographs have been taken, the Captain gives the sign that he plans to initiate the return flight. Just when everyone thinks that things are going well and perhaps it really is nothing more than a routine mission, the engine starts to sputter and choke. What’s happening? You don’t know where you are exactly, but what you do know for certain is that you’re still above enemy territory. The helicopter loses altitude extremely quickly and hits the ground with a thundering roar. Everything goes black. When you all come to again, you notice that the Captain has disappeared. Did he flee? Did he go to look for help? You’re stranded in enemy territory and on the edge of a huge ravine. It will be dark in an hour and a rescue will no longer be possible, leaving you exposed to the enemy’s nightly patrols…

Objective: Bring the fun of an Escape Room home with you!


  • Working together as a team
  • Strengthening problem-solving skills
  • Competing against the clock and each other

Team Sizes:

This product is recommended for teams of 2-4 people each, and you will want to buy one Pack per team.

What do I get?

  • 2 Escape Room The Game expansions that can be played with the base game or on it’s own
  • 1 pair of cardboard VR glasses

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