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Doesn’t work feel like a circus sometimes? All that juggling requires a lot of cooperation and occasionally, a sturdy net.

That’s why we developed a new, exciting and best team building program, Cirque de Team. Take part in authentic circus activities, a highly interactive way for your team to develop important skills that apply to all walks of life.

Try things you never imagined trying, achieve things you didn’t expect to achieve, and learn things that you and your team will never forget!

Does your team need to start learning in new ways? Improve communication skills? Develop stronger bonds and mutual respect? Teams learn to respond to the unexpected, take the plunge into new challenges with confidence and improve confidence and self-esteem.

Fun + Interactive = Best Team Building

Traditionally the circus has been a place where no matter how obscure (and wonderful) your talent, there was always a place for you. Although some people are initially a little nervous, the excitement of the circus engages team members and they start to relate to each other openly in new ways.

Your team will break through their own barriers and leave energized to produce innovative results together. You will leave with a more cohesive and effective team, one might even say the greatest team on earth!

The circus is instinctively inclusive and reliant on team building. The experience of our facilitators means anyone, regardless of age or gender, can enjoy and excel with Cirque de Team.

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