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By: David Goldstein|October 17, 2014| Save This Idea


Today wrapped up the end of TeamBonding’s adventures in Fabulous Las Vegas. Imex2014 has been a roller coaster of inspiration, learning and experience that has taught us there’s really nothing more valuable than surrounding yourself with valuable, caring team members.


Busy, bustling morning here at #IMEXAmerica! The last day just began, let’s see what it has in store for us! #eventprofs

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This morning, Wendy Booker ignited the mountain climber and marathon runner in all of us when she recanted her story of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She didn’t let the disease hold her back though. Instead, Wendy persevered and went on to run the Boston Marathon and climb the Seven Summits, learning something new about team strength and leadership along the way.

The best part of Wendy’s morning keynote, however, was her definition of what a good team really is. “The collaborative effort… When it’s right, it’s right. Just be the best person you can be.” After the keynote, we headed into a more marketing-related headspace as Kristen Carvalho spoke about social media automation and when it’s appropriate. Scheduling out your social posts is a time-saver, but it’s also important to show your employees and team being human. Your followers want to know that you’re just like them!

David Paisley, Senior Research Director at CMI, sat down with us and gave insight onto company culture and what it really means to be LGBT friendly. David’s influence was on the idea that your internal team needs to have an attitude of caring. He encouraged all business owners to tap into their internal peer structures and build tolerance and compassion through getting to know each other. Again, everyone is different, so why not celebrate those differences?


So many amazing booths and displays here at #IMEXAmerica! These are just a few of our favorites…

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Finally, the day wrapped up with quick visits to our favorite booths. There were so many amazing exhibits on the show floor that it was hard to walk around without catching something new to see every time. From the Columbia booth, which was handing out free coffee, to the Texas booth with its leather accents and beautiful scenery, there were plenty of beautiful displays on the show floor!


In all, Imex America was a success for TeamBonding. We learned that each person brings their own value to your team, and that just having fun with your team, event professionals or other, can make a huge difference inside the workplace!

See you next year, Imex!


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