Nominication | How to Improve Communication Skills with Cocktails

August 8, 2014

Cody Pratt

Team Contributor

The word nominication (a combination of the Japanese verb ‘nomimasu’ (to drink) and the English word ‘communication’) stands for after work drinking parties.

The communication aspect of the word refers to breaking down company barriers and having fun discussions after work. Outside the office in comfortable surroundings, corporate hierarchy is broken down bring everyone onto the same playing field. Usually these gatherings create a family feeling in the office.

Team Mixologist: How To Improve Communication Skills With Cocktails

Team Mixologist: How To Improve Communication Skills With Cocktails

Sharing cocktails provides a shared experience, promotes disclosure, builds trust, increases self-awareness and levels the playing field. However, moderation and intention are key. Some How To Improve Communication Skills With Cocktailsof the drawbacks of after-work happy hours are that they are too far removed from the work environment, and without facilitated dialog, the potential learning never surfaces.

Team Mixologist is a unique event that takes your team from good to great by focusing on some real time business skills through a series of interactive mix’ologist competitions.

Icebreakers and Team Building That Work

Your team will be setup into groups that are given a mystery box of ingredients and asked to design a custom cocktail; this can be tailored to fit a specific theme. Each team will come up with an original name for their cocktail and prepare a presentation to convince the judges and their fellow participants that their groups cocktail is the best of the best!

The instructors will select the winning cocktail based not only on the taste but on the concept, presentation and the making of the cocktails, prizes will be awarded accordingly.

How has sharing a few cocktails helped you bond with a co-worker or supervisor?

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Virtual Happy Hour & Mixology

Group Size: 10 - 300
Time: 30 to 60 minutes

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