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By: Jillian Sheedy|June 28, 2013| Save This Idea


Did you know that the first smartphone was released in 1992? I kid you not – IBM released Smartphone Simon in the early 90s. Having been born a year later, I certainly  don’t remember it, but the pictures are really something else…

Team Building Scavenger Hunt

IBM only released about 50,000 Simon smartphones in 1992 due to an unprepared, semi-uninterested market. However, luckily for us, 20 years later people are addicted if not borderline obsessed with their smartphones (myself included). Thus, allowing us to create the popular Smartphone Scaventure.

Team Building Scavenger Hunt

The Smartphone Scaventure combines the tried-and-true fun of a scavenger hunt with a modern day, technological boost.

To compete in the event, teams will download our scavenger hunt app onto their smartphone and follow the mission list from there. After you have completed a challenge, you will submit a picture taken by the smartphone of the challenge, and then upload to the app to collect points.

The team with the most points collected through various challenge completions will be deemed Smartphone Scaventure Champions. You can be up to date with who is in the lead with the leader board tab on the app.

The challenges are divided into two categories, Funny/Goofy and Location Specific. Examples are as follows:

Team Building Scavenger Hunt

1. Funny/Goofy: Cone head. We challenge your team to take a picture of a team member with a cone of their head. Whether it is a traffic cone, an ice cream cone, or any other cone, is up to your imagination.

2. Location Specific: For example, for a recent Smartphone Scaventure in Alexandria, VA, teams were given the challenge to take a picture with the Appomattox Statue or visit a local cupcake shop.

If your team is a fun-loving, adventurous group of people, I highly suggest the Smartphone Scaventure for you. This event is just the right amount of competitive, gutsy, and goofy.

Have you been apart of a scavenger hunt? If so, what was one of your craziest challenges?


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