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By: Isaac Tarlin|March 14, 2014| Save This Idea


High quality groups and individuals play a major role in TeamBonding’s ability to deliver the best team building programs available anywhere, so we’re always on the lookout for those rare and delightful people who fall effortlessly into the best and brightest category.

Isaac, a recent Team Building Internship jack-of-all-trades, is one of those individuals. Unfortunately, internships don’t last forever! As we say goodbye and good luck to Isaac, he shares his parting memories below:

This fall, I started my internship at TeamBonding. I’m only a high school junior, so this experience has been both overwhelming and surreal for me. I began this internship as a way to understand and be a part of the workforce that I will join in a few years down the road.

David Goldstein, the COO of TeamBonding, is a family friend of mine, and he was nice enough to give me this opportunity. I spent my first few weeks travelling from department to department, learning how much truly goes on behind the scenes in the business world. After settling with marketing, with my job being to write blogs and much more, I have done nothing but look forward to coming to work every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school.

I have enjoyed my time and learned valuable business experience while at TeamBonding, and because of that I am forever grateful. So, TeamBonding; Thank you.

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Photos from the Intern Olympics, 2014!

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