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“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”- Aristotle

When you think of inspirational quotes, Greek philosophers are definitely credited with some of the best in history. Still considered some of the greatest thinkers that the world has ever seen and responsible for modern society, the Ancient Greeks figured out the keys to success, countless ideologies and teachings.

This week’s team bonding quote comes from Aristotle. He was a part of Plato’s Academy in Athens. His studies and writings covered many subjects from poetry and theater to politics and biology.

Aristotle’s writings are the foundation for Western philosophy and the Encyclopedia Britannica credits him as the first genuine scientist. He favored practical ethics and philosophy rather than theoretical. His advice is, like with the quote above that implies that doing something over and over ensures that excellence becomes a habit.

Aristotle believed that knowledge is developed from a sense of impressions.

team building excellence

To be successful you have to act successful in the workplace. Human interaction plays a big role in corporate America. Having the ability to leave a lasting impression can go a long way to foster team building excellence. Aristotle’s legacy lives on today as modern thinkers use his theories and ideas to develop even more abstract concepts and new team building products.

Repeatedly working together as a team and improving your group setting will enhance performance exponentially. The improved results will then become standard, especially with teams that do not work in the same physical location on a regular basis. This success will turn into knowledge, and like Aristotle, may even leave a lasting impression on the world.

Have you ever left a lasting impression in the workplace?

Tell us your workplace story! Check back for more team building quotes each week and let us know which ones motivate you to excellence.

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