Chris Schembra

Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, USA Today’s 'Gratitude Guru,' and Founder of "An Attitude of Gratitude", Keynote Speaker on Workplace Recognition and Belonging.

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About Chris Schembra

Chris Schembra is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of 'Gratitude Through Hard Times' and 'Gratitude and Pasta.' USA Today calls him their 'Gratitude Guru,' and he is a Founding Member of Rolling Stone Magazine's Culture Council. He is the Founder of An Attitude of Gratitude — and used the principles of gratitude to spark over 500,000 relationships within the workplace.

His direct work has been discussed in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, and hundreds of other media outlets. He regularly lectures at top-tier companies and institutions such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Dell, Citi, the US Navy, Air Force, and Harvard University.
Additionally, Chris has shared his expertise on our team building podcast, further enriching our platform with his insights and experience in fostering meaningful connections and driving organizational success.

Chris offers a compelling series of keynote presentations aimed at transforming workplaces and fostering meaningful connections. Each keynote offers actionable insights and strategies to promote wellbeing, enhance teamwork, and drive organizational success.
Read more about the keynotes he offers below.

What if the key to more revenue, bigger profits, and business sustainability wasn’t about squeezing our people out of every ounce of energy they had? What if it was about creating an environment of recognition and belonging, both built on a foundation of gratitude?

For the last decade, Chris has dedicated himself to creating dynamic team building like An Attitude of Gratitude and client engagement experiences for some of the world’s leading corporations. His approach prioritizes empathy, authentic connections, asking meaningful questions, and creating a culture of recognition, appreciation, and belonging within professional environments. His data-driven, scientifically-backed keynotes reveal to audiences our secret sauce to human connection.

After a profound keynote, your attendees will leave with actionable tools they can apply within their teams, to their customers, to their families, and to themselves. We will give them a tool kit that will help them ask insightful questions, build healthy friendships in the modern workplace, foster creativity and innovation in cross-functional teams, recognize and appreciate their colleagues, and win the war on talent with a positive mental attitude.

Chris offers several impactful keynote presentations:

Ubuntu Leadership: The Power of Connection and Belonging in Driving Economic Growth

Explore the concept of ‘Ubuntu’, embodying the idea of interconnectedness and its crucial role in driving economic growth, drawing from the examples of Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. In this keynote, Chris emphasizes the importance of fostering genuine human connections within organizations, highlighting how effective leadership involves not only assembling competent teams but also creating environments where these teams deeply connect, leading to innovation, belonging, and successful business outcomes. Key takeaways include understanding the disconnection crisis in modern workplaces, promoting economic growth by uniting communities, prioritizing empathy and gratitude as essential leadership qualities, and fostering a culture of celebrating each other’s successes for organizational success.

Recognition Revolution: Transforming Workplaces, Empowering People

In this keynote, you will hear about the importance of recognizing and valuing employees as the cornerstone of organizational success, amidst a culture where growth often eclipses gratitude. Chris highlights that the true measure of achievement lies in business accomplishments and the people who enable them. Through unveiling the science and actionable strategies of employee recognition, the keynote emphasizes the transformative power of valuing individuals within the workplace, promoting continuous improvement, and fostering a sense of belonging. Key takeaways include insights from the success story of WD-40, the recognition of the disconnection crisis in modern workplaces, defining recognition as expressing gratitude for employees’ contributions aligned with company values, and outlining strategic steps for authentic recognition, including slowing down, committing to service, activating empathy, highlighting positive actions, and fostering community connection.

The Friendship Factor: Healthy Relationships for Modern Work

This session explores the importance of cultivating strong, empathetic, and resilient relationships in the workplace, addressing the pressing issue of employee disconnection and disengagement. Highlighting statistics revealing the scarcity of close workplace friendships and the substantial costs associated with employee loneliness, the session underscores the pivotal role of healthy relationships in combating turnover and fostering a thriving work environment. Key takeaways include recognizing empathy, gratitude, resilience, and diversity as pillars of modern work relationships, and emphasizing that genuine connections go beyond mere acquaintanceship and contribute to decreased turnover rates. Insights are provided on the impact of managerial support and peer encouragement on employee engagement, with strategies outlined for expressing gratitude effectively and building bonds within teams and across departments, ultimately enriching the workplace experience through meaningful connections.

As the pace of modern life accelerates, a pervasive plague has emerged: 51% of the American workforce reports being consistently lonely, 79% are disengaged, and 19% are just flat-out miserable. This cocktail of workplace challenges not only erodes individual well-being and productivity, but also undermines the collective spirit, cohesion, and vitality of entire organizations. When growth outpaces gratitude, people fall behind.

Discover how Chris Schembra’s captivating keynote presentations can revolutionize your workplace and cultivate deeper connections among your team. Each keynote is packed with practical insights and strategies to boost wellbeing, strengthen teamwork, and propel your organization toward success. Book Chris Schembra as your next speaker and embark on a journey of transformation and growth for your company.


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