An Attitude of Gratitude

We guarantee gratitude in this fully facilitated experience with the Gratitude Guru Chris Schembra, where you’ll have a positive emotional transformation and create meaningful connections. This Virtual Gratitude Experience is an evidence-based framework that includes breakout groups, facilitated discussion, and expert guidance on how the principles of gratitude improve well-being, develop healthy relationships, and help companies thrive.

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Gratitude is Short for Great Attitude!

Being grateful can improve every part of your life.

Foster a deeper connection with your team.

Take an active approach to your employee’s wellness with An Attitude of Gratitude. The majority of the workforce reports being lonely, overwhelmed, nervous, and anxious. The health crisis increased feelings of isolation, along with increased workloads, making emotional and social well-being as important as ever. Teams will get a chance to unload anxieties and foster positivity that leads to a tremendous avenue for growing connections. For many, this is a rare chance to have these kinds of conversations with another human being outside of their immediate family. In this fully facilitated experience with USA Today’s Gratitude Guru Chris Schembra,  you’ll have a positive emotional transformation and create meaningful connections. Your team will interact through a facilitated discussion, breakout groups, and receive expert guidance on how the principles of gratitude improve well-being, develop healthy relationships and help companies thrive.

Impact of the experience

Individually, some of the benefits of expressing gratitude are increased happiness, positive affect, and resiliency, greater life satisfaction, reduced burnout, enhanced physical health through better sleep, muscle recovery, and reduced inflammation. On a group level, expressing gratitude strengthens relationships and increases pro-social behavior, job satisfaction, and productivity. Gratitude helps to shift individuals away from negative thoughts and behaviors to more positive ones by broadening and building social and mental resources. Connections forged at this experience will only deepen and grow.

In this Virtual Gratitude Experience, dinner is not part of the virtual event, but can be included as an add-on. 

In Chris Schembra’s latest webinar, he offers a sneak peek into what it means to promote gratitude and find positivity within your team.

Event Details

Group Size

18 - 150

Time Needed

90 min.

Space Requirement

This program is utilized in a custom and designed through zoom.

Ideal For

  • A more inclusive culture through increased empathy, gratitude, and social bonding across teams.
  • Better collaboration due to increased sharing of challenging or uplifting times from one’s past.
  • Higher emotional and cross-cultural intelligence.
  • Increased appreciation of each other within the team.
  • Engage your team around values and belonging.
  • According to PwC, every $1 spent on emotional well-being yields an astonishing $2.30 return in productivity.


If you want the experience to involve food, we partner with local restaurants, local delivery services, or the signature famous pasta sauce “Gratitude Sauce”. We can change also customize the questions to align with your company’s goals or conversations.

Contact us to tailor this event to your unique needs.

Even with all of the packaged event options we offer, you may need something different. Maybe a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes… We can help.

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