Sculpting Your Team

November 26, 2018

Michael Carroll

Team Contributor

I’m Michael Carroll – business enthusiast, student and currently TeamBonding marketing and sales intern. This fall as part of my internship I will be focusing on increasing SEO traffic and analyzing sales processes. In my posts, I’m going to be sharing some of my young, but wise expertise and bringing you behind the scenes. I’ll be posting blogs on what goes on during these activities while using my observations to share my experiences. This time team building came to TeamBonding with ice sculpting.

As a team, we were visited by award-winning ice sculptor, Mark Crouthamel, who has over 20 years of experience under his belt. Mark demonstrated techniques and sculpting tips before we got to work. With 15 of us itching to pick away at these glaciers, we were divided into three teams of five. Once we split into our teams it was our job to develop a plan, design, and carve an ice sculpture that followed the theme of “What makes a dream team.”

When the clock started my team began brainstorming ideas on what may capture the theme best. A major part of this step was engaging with one another as we wanted everyone’s input. After some time, we came to a group consensus on our theme and began the sketch on a piece of paper. During the sketch, each one of our group members suggested a special touch to incorporate in our design to take our sculpture to the next level.

Once we decided on our design all we had to do was translate it from paper to ice. Trust me it’s not as easy as you’d think. In order to tackle this nerve-wracking task, we decided to assign certain jobs to each member. Two people worked on the top part while the other two worked on the bottom half, and the remaining person cleaned up the ice chips.

As we carved, we helped each other out by pointing out the good parts and the parts we needed to improve. Our team started to click and the design started to come to life. Next thing you know we only had five minutes remaining – overdrive kicked in and we finished just in time. Finally, it was time for voting, and low and behold – my team won! After all the laughs and hard work, it was all worth it.


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