Beehive Building

Combating Colony Collapse Disorder

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Our nation’s food supply depends on bees. Now, you and your company can do something about this in an innovative way with TeamBonding’s Beehive Building program!

Group Size

20 - 1000+

Time Needed

2 – 3 hours

Space Requirement

Ballroom, conference room or outdoors (weather permitting). Tables and chairs for all the participants.

Ideal For

  • Conference/meeting breaks
  • Project start-ups, conclusions or mid-project motivation
  • Award trips, annual meetings, retreats and celebrations


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Event Description

What if a corporate charity team building activity could benefit employees while stimulating income generation for people in developing countries at the same time? The Beehive Building program can! In the U.S.-Mexico border community of Mexicali, a women’s cooperative is using beekeeping as a vehicle for alternative income generation. In this competitive corporate charity team building activity, teams take part in a scavenger hunt and then construct beehive frames that will be donated to the women of Mexicali where they will be used to produce and sell hand & facial creams, beeswax candles, honey-flavored baked goods, healing salves, bee pollen and more.  At the end of the day, teams have made an essential contribution to a community in need. Is your group up to the test of the Beehive Building program?

TeamBonding has teamed up with Los Niños, a non-profit community development organization, to create this activity. Your participation supports the work Los Niños has been performing in the northern Mexico-southern California border region for 30 years via an investment in its program beneficiaries (beehives) and its organization (capital investment), which ensures they can continue providing needed training and capital for years to come.

Beehive Building: Combating Colony Collapse Disorder

Did you know that a third of the food we eat depends on bees for pollination? Currently, honeybee populations nationwide are threatened by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a devastating condition in which managed beehives experience a dramatic loss in population. In some cases, up to 70% of a hive’s bees disappear almost overnight. Our nation’s food supply depends on bees. Now, you and your company can do something about this in an innovative way with TeamBonding’s Beehive Building program!

** Click here to learn how your team’s efforts can help solve the growing problems U.S. bee-farmers are having. **

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