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“I just try to get out of my own way because if anyone is their own worst enemy, it’s usually you.” – Taylor Dayneteamwork

Many team building tips focus on how you can influence others to collaborate… communicate… just speak to each other! Meanwhile, networking and career building advice tends to focus more on you, the individual.

The truth is, all of your workplace and career challenges are connected. Your own beliefs and actions are always important, especially while facing teamwork challenges. If you want to build stronger bonds with your team, look at what you’re doing.

When you plan a team building event, are you participating along with everyone else? Do you run the meeting icebreakers rather than participating in them? Are you participating in the policies / programs / social activities that you created to get everyone else to work together?

teamwork challenges - participate

Event planning and leading the charge might be your biggest strengths, but you also need to be a team player to see results. If your team is small and someone always needs to stand on the sidelines to orchestrate teamwork, mix it up. Identify team members with similar strengths that want to run an event or activity. Put them in charge. Become a participant.

Don’t be your own worst team building enemy. Work hard, be nice to people, remain flexible and pay attention to what you’re doing. You. Yourself. And…you. This cute video will help you remember that.

What are teamwork challenges you’re facing today? Is there anything you could do differently to overcome them?

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  1. Teampedia says:

    Good thoughts in this article! We offer many ideas about overcoming team challenges on – for example, see this one about mindful communication when someone you’re working with is not doing what they’re “supposed to.”

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