Lucky 7

Happy 7th Anniversary of employment to two very hardworking people here at TeamBonding! We want to take a moment to appreciate their nonstop efforts over the years. Thank you Nanci and Seu!!

Take a minute to connect with our team a bit better and understand why they love their jobs and learn some of their most memorable moments working for a team building company. TeamBonding wants to reflect on Nanci, our Director of Client Relations and Seu, who works in the Accounting and Production Department. Their 7 year Anniversary celebration was at Twin Rivers Casino and it was a blast!



Nanci, our Director of Client Relations truly belives in TeamBonding. She is proud of our team and the efforts everyone puts forth. She believes “it takes a village” to accomplish the things done here at TeamBonding and that’s something Nanci has loved being a part of. Her favorite part is working with and understanding clients’ needs. She has developed strong skills in building meaningful relationships with clients from all over the country. Each day brings a new challenge for Nanci and she compares her work to solving a puzzle. She enjoys finding the programs that best fit teams. She likes not knowing what each day will bring. Nanci brought up a story that had a big impact on her. There was one client in particular who was hesitant to use TeamBonding for their very large and last minute event. It turns out that Nanci completely changed the clients mind and the program was so successful they have asked for more programs in the future. They even became friends! Nanci’s strong encouragement swayed the opinion of a firm disbeliever and that’s a job well done!


Seu covers two departments, Accounting and Production and it’s clear his versatility shows working in both areas. 7 years back, Seu found his accounting position here through the agency, Account Temps. It was a quick 5 months before he was hired full time and permanently. Throughout his time working here, he proved he held skills in other areas, which aided him in gaining more responsibility in the Production Department. He loves working for TeamBonding because of what they stand for, and that is teamwork! Seu appreciates the fact that TeamBonding actually practices what they preach and he feels a closeness to his coworkers/team. Seu recalled a recent triumph and something that left a lasting impression on him. It began as a problem in the Production Department not being able to find a charity to accept children’s bikes from a Charity Bike Build that had taken place. Seu resourcefully came up with a contact that could accept the bikes! It was a friend who worked at an elementary school in Roxbury, MA. Seu was pleased to help out and it’s something he won’t soon forget. Working for a team building company, like many other companies, can be stressful and rewarding at the same time. Seu loves hearing the surplus of positive feedback TeamBonding recieves from clients. For him, it’s a constant reminder that he works for an amazing company that he truly stands by.

Thanks to both Nanci and Seu for being amazing employees over the years and congratulations on your accomplishments!



Molly Chronister

Team Contributor


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