A Haka Tribute to Our Healthcare Workers

Tune in, and be prepared to Haka on Wednesday, April 15th at 3PMHAKA LIVE for Healthcare Workers is here to give EMS – EMTs, Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Medical Technicians, and all Healthcare Workers a moment to feel empowered as they continue to devote themselves in this time of crisis.

Join us in learning the Toka Tu Moana, which means standing united and strong in the face of adversity. This particular Haka is being dedicated to health workers in the US as a way to support and help uplift them as they work endlessly to save lives. It’s simple, powerful and will be taught in a fun and open way. Founder, Karl Barrows, will be teaching haka, an encouraging, motivating, and sacred dance that has been used to inspire and unite communities in times of triumph and loss.

Going LIVE with Toka Tu Moana

Karl has composed Toka Tu Moana, a haka based on a famous proverb that encourages standing united and strong in the face of adversity. TeamBonding was approached by EMS in [New York] to see how Haka Works could help lift morale and unite the EMS and Health Workers during this time. In response, Haka Works has offered to teach the Haka Toka Tu Moana for EMS/Health Workers as a way to help them feel supported and empowered to face the crisis together. This Haka will be taught remotely during the Facebook LIVE event.

Passion, Energy, and Commitment

Haka shows us how to approach life,
especially in times of difficulty.

  • Boldly face challenges
  • Confidence to overcome all adversity
  • Strengthen team unity
  • Energize your team
  • Connecting teams to organizational values

Maori Culture and Haka Works Experience

Karl Burrows is a New Zealander of Maori descent. Haka Works utilizes tools from Maori culture to energize, build teams and connect people to values.  Karl and his team have been teaching Haka and Maori culture around the world for over 15 years.  Karl also runs a Haka group in London called Manaia which was established in 2004.

5 Ways Haka WorksTeamBonding has been working together with Haka Works as a new way to build cohesion in professional teams in North America for more than five years.  Haka is ideal for raising energy and adding a memorable element to a conference or meeting. Connecting and aligning teams to company values. And, we do it in a unique and powerful way – using Haka – the famous ritual of the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team!



Haka is a sacred dance of the Maori people of New Zealand that has been used to inspire and unite Maori communities in times of triumph and loss. Maori culture is held in high regard across the globe because Maori have held, adapted and applied traditional knowledge to modern life.

It is an honor for Teambonding to partner with Haka Works to share Haka for Healthcare Workers LIVE as a way to support and help uplift them as they work endlessly to save lives.” – Karl Burrows | Founder of Haka Works

Join in! Support your Health Workers! We want to see your Haka!

Tag us, and make sure you follow our  Facebook Page @teambonding
Click to view event.

For more information, or to book a private remote Haka for your team, please visit Haka Works Remote.

View the Press Release here.

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