Give Back: Hop On The Do Good Bus

Not your Typical Team Building Event! 

TeamBonding collaborates with the Do Good Bus – adding more goodwill to an already diverse and wide selection of Charitable Team Building Programs. 

The Do Good Bus was created to bring people together to do charitable work and to help their community. After an 11,000 mile journey around the United States, this bus along with the help of 750 volunteers was able to help 25 different causes! Teamwork and altruism are the heart of this organization and we are proud to be able to bring this experience to our clients as a charitable team building program.

Make an Impact, Give Back Locally

We are proud of our company culture at Teambonding and we understand you’re proud of your culture as well. For each bus ride, we work closely with your team to incorporate your core values and company mission. We build in time to research your company and your employees to find activities that will be best for your group all while giving back.


“I have been working on new programs all year and sometimes one comes along that is so perfect we have to get involved. That is how I see the Do Good Bus. We have many charitable programs, but this is different, this brings us and our clients out into the world, outside the hotel ballroom to really get our hands dirty and do some good. The idea that it can pick up the client at their office, feed them, entertain them, do some good, build their team and bring them back 5 hours later- had to do this.”

–  David Goldstein | TeamBonding’s Founder

Connect your Team with Community and Purpose

During each Do Good Bus event, we have three goals:

  1. AWARENESS – There are hundreds of causes that help our city, our neighbors, and our friends; our mission is to bring visibility and accessibility to these causes.
  2. COMMUNITY – We aim to prove the power of working together with a shared purpose of making a difference.
  3. SOCIAL IMPACT – We hope the Do Good Bus experience will inspire your staff to keep doing good – at work, at home, and in their community.

Each is tailored to serve one of these categories:

  1. EARTH — Working with and/or for the environment. Working with your hands to build, paint, garden, city cleanups, etc.
  2. PEOPLE — Working for a cause benefiting people in general. A soup kitchen, shelters, children, etc.
  3. ANIMALS — Helping the four-legged types.  Dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, etc.

An Experience of a Lifetime

Giving back is a natural part of team building while working together for a charitable cause. To make this even more exciting, we suggest keeping it a secret from your team about where you are headed, and what you will be doing. Working side-by-side, your team will forge lasting, authentic connections. Hopping on the Do Good Bus, not only connects your team to the community, but it creates awareness about the local charities around and connects them directly with a cause.

We work together with you to pick a cause that best suits your organization.

So hop on the bus, we’ll do the rest!


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Do Good Bus

Group Size: 20 – 40/bus
Time: 4 – 5 hours

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