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Fear—an all-too-familiar emotion that tends to visit people during their most critically important moments. It triggers a response in people that is commonly known as a “fight or flight” response whether to stay and confront the situation or to leave the situation due to feeling unsafe. Most people can identify with the latter. This is due to a complex process that occurs in the brain. Within the temporal lobes of the brain, there exists the amygdala, which serves as the key brain element that controls the reception and processing of negative emotions.

However, not all elements of the amygdala are negative. In fact, some of the same chemicals that induce the “fight or flight” sensation also contribute to positively inclined emotional states, such as happiness or excitement (Javanbakht & Saab, 2017). When people make the conscientious decision to overcome the initial “fight or flight” sensation, they’re left feeling satisfied, safe, and confident in their ability to confront the things that initially scared them.

Understand that fear is a natural emotion. No one in the world is completely without it. Fear keeps us safe in uncertain situations and also serves as a test to see the extent of one’s true desire. Fear works as an obstacle that can either deter people from their goals or motivate them to invest even more effort push towards and accomplish their goals. The following are some of the world’s most recognized figures in history and present-day who overcame obstacles of fear:

Everybody Struggles

Stephen King is a well-known author famously known as the “King of Horror”. However, his first novel was rejected 30 different times. Out of frustration and fear of another rejection, he almost gave up. With help and encouragement from others (namely his wife), he persisted through. That same novel has sold over 350 million copies and been adapted into several films.

Warren Buffett possessed crippling stage fright and completely avoided classes that required public speaking. Later on, as a professional within the stockbroker market, he came to a realization. He could either force himself to face his fears or avoid them and never reach his full potential. Ultimately he faced his fears and sought help with his speech anxiety. He was relieved to learn that other people related to how he felt. Through hard work and dedication, he now serves as the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, an American multinational conglomerate holding company. Buffet is currently the third richest person on the planet, with a net worth of $65.7 billion.

These powerful figures achieved the unimaginable through empowerment and courage. Perhaps you’re thinking, “When will I find my empowering moment?” The answer is this: you will find it once you get out of your own way. Oftentimes people are their own harshest critics and biggest obstacles. Their internal voices of doubt, fear, and lack of belief overpower and hinder their true desires. How can people overcome these internal obstacles? Fortunately, there are programs designed to help people do this.

We’re Here to Help

Developed from an ancient Fijian ritual, ArrowBreak is an activity where anyone can participate and that many people enjoy. People place the point of a wooden archery arrow in the soft tissue area of the notch of their throats and the other end against a hard solid surface. Participants are then challenged to “get out of their own way” by stepping into and breaking the arrow—serving as symbolism for breaking their fears and focusing on their higher purposes instead of the obstacles in front of them. Some people experience anxiety or discomfort because the activity involves stepping out of the comfort zone. However, this activity shows them that stepping out their comfort zone allows incredible things to happen. They take the first step of tapping into their own true potential and greatness.ArrowBreak Commitment

Overcoming fear is easier said than done. It requires 100% commitment from those who wish to push through; that takes determination and confidence. ArrowBreak helps people reach that level of confidence and take the next step, increasing to 100% commitment to reach goals and overcome fear. This program utilizes multiple exercises, drills, and skills to encourage people to accept the fear and push through it. Imagine the unlimited possibilities that occur when people decide to push past fear and give 100% commitment. Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. Make it happen.

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Arrow Break

Group Size: 4-50 people
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