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Team building games for adults and ice breaker activities can keep your team bonded throughout the year. Get started with this simple DIY team building exercise.

EXERCISE GOAL: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and those around them through ice breaker activities.

From this ice breaker activity, participants will accomplish the following.

  • Comfortably discuss personal thoughts and feelings.
  • Help each other increase their self concepts.
  • Summarize the experience they just had.
  • Verbalize positive personal attributes.
  • Have fun!


  1. Invite your team to sit in a circle.
  2. Gather up a bunch of toys and put them in a box.
  3. Take the box of toys and dump it into the center of the circle of people.
  4. Have each group member choose a toy that they feel represents themselves.
  5. Take turns and describe the toy and its application to you.

Speaking of toys, what a great way to kick off a Toys for Tykes, Team Teddy Rescue Bear or Bike Build program!



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2 Responses

  1. Curtisha Jones says:

    Curtisha~ some team bonding ideas that we could do inexpensively and onsite in most cases…Just ideas for you to think about….


  2. Samantha McDuffee says:

    Curtisha & Susan, our DIY posts are a great place to start:

    Also, check out for daily employee engagement.

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