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By: Molly Chronister|February 13, 2015| Save This Idea


Does this sound too good to be true? It most certainly, is not! Get ready.

Team building is important for many reasons. Chocolate is also very important. Why not join the two to create one of the most effective ways to strengthen your company’s team? Chocolate Team Building can help you reach your every goal.

There are a variety of ways to customize your chocolate team bonding experience. Each of the options lead to the same results of stronger communication and teamwork skills. It will be your choice on event and for what reasons you participate. Whether you are trying to liven up a conference or are just celebrating a job well done at work, your company team will definitely benefit.chocolate team building

Full Contact Bingo is a fun twist on bingo. Everyone will be given a bingo card with chocolate phrases such as “has eaten the ears off a chocolate bunny first” and “has eaten cereal with chocolate milk” on a grid. Your task here is to find others who have participated in said phrases and get bingo before anyone else. This is a great way to break the ice and start meeting new co-workers.

CSI Chocolate is a friendly competition that involves taste testing ten different classic chocolate candies. Without looking at them will you be able to identify what they are? For an added challenge, during our Chocolate Sight Investigation (CSI) there will be dissected candy bars and your job will be to distinguish what you are looking at. Find out how well you know your chocolate!

choco team

Towering Chocolate is exactly what it sounds like! This will test your patience and motivation. Teams will try to build the highest free standing chocolate tower. If a piece falls off of your tower just clean it up by eating it, no worries.

A Bridge Over Chocolate Waters is an option that can be completed a couple of different ways. The idea here is that Willy Wonka has left his chocolate factory to Charlie and he needs your help in marketing it. You need to work together to build a bridge to transport all of the factory’s chocolate to the public. You can be in competition mode or just participate for the fun of it. Either way, you can count on this being a team bonding experience to remember!
chocolate team building

Choose any of these fun activities for your next celebration, product launch, or annual conference and make sure to customize it to make sure you meet your company’s team building goals. And don’t forget, there will be chocolate!


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