Spotlight | Charitable Team Building in New Jersey

Last week, we ran our first Paws for a Cause charitable team building program in New Jersey. What happened afterwards was truly special!

We often receive feedback from companies and charities that we work with after an event. But the response we got regarding the NJSPCA Humane donation after they received their animal gift baskets was more than heartwarming!

Charitable Team Building That Means Something

The Paws for a Cause gift baskets that teams worked hard to put together were to be delivered to the Hunterdon County Humane Shelter, about an hour away from Plainsboro where this charitable team building event took place. We received a special and meaningful note very soon after the event:

“Upon my arrival, I was able to witness your TeamBonding concept in progress and notice that everyone there was enjoying the process. When it came time for those in attendance to work together with their teams in putting together the baskets of animal cheer, it was done with passion, compassion, creativity, as a team effort, and with love. That same love was felt throughout the room as I spoke and shared my multi-tiered message to the group, thus creating an animal-related awareness, while providing an educational phase to your program, which was admirably received.”

“I was personally filled with gratitude and deepest appreciation as I served as a messenger of joy in delivering the gift baskets to the shelter and its animal residents. Lola, a black lab resident, was the first canine to use her trained nose to investigate, sample and appreciate the collection of gifts, as she retrieved a bone chew toy from one of the baskets.”

charitable team building, new jersey state njspca

charitable team building, new jersey state njspca

We hope to be able to work with this organization again next time we are in the area!

What organization would you like to see supported with the next charitable team building program?

Lauren Adams

Team Contributor


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