Beehive Building

Build your team while helping stimulate economic development!

  • Builds camaraderie
  • Promotes team interaction
  • Inspires respect and understanding of ethical values, people and communities
  • Makes a global difference in reducing poverty
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What if a team building activity worked on building teamwork at work, while helping people in a developing country? In this fun and competitive team building activity teams test their wits as they embark a wild and wacky scavenger hunt.

Afterward, everyone settles into the construction of beehive frames. These are donated to an enterprising women’s cooperative in Mexicali, Mexico that has embraced beekeeping as a way to generate family income. Your participation makes it possible for these women to produce and sell beeswax candles, honey-flavored baked goods, healing salves, bee pollen, hand and facial creams and more.

At the end of the day, you succeed in raising morale, stimulating cooperation and boosting motivation, all while making a meaningful contribution to a community in need. This really is a team building event where everybody wins.


Group size

20 - 200+

Time needed

2 – 3 hours

Space requirements

Ballroom, conference room or outdoors (weather permitting). Tables and chairs for all the participants.

“Thanks for all your help coordinating the beehive build activity for Valent last week!  Everything went well, and I think the group really got into the activity.  We just dropped the beehives off at the Bee Biology facility at UC Davis, and they were thrilled to get the hives!”

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Wonderful Comes from Working Together

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