Virtual + remote team building activities.

Unable to gather physically in the same space? We can bring your remote team together with a highly engaging virtual team event. Whether it’s virtual food and beverage tastings, escape rooms, online trivia, a scavenger hunt, or office games, your team can enhance communication and make meaningful connections with colleagues.

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Why is team building important for a virtual team?

Working remotely can often make employees feel disconnected from the workplace. With virtual team building activities, they can get together, have fun, build engagement, and deepen employee bonds. Moreover, online team building events are a great way to enhance employee happiness and morale. This means that staff members are more likely to be productive in the workplace.

Remote team building activities may include virtual games, cooking classes, arts and crafts, comedy shows, and more. Employees can enjoy these experiences through virtual platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

What are the benefits of virtual team building activities?

Virtual team building exercises help build strong relationships among employees no matter if they live in the same state or a different country. These online events also let them get to know one another better and discover similar interests and passions. Unwinding with colleagues can even boost creativity in the workplace as well as reduce stress. After participating in one of the fun online team building games, employees are likely to feel refreshed and more connected with one another.

What should I consider when planning virtual activities?

First, you’ll need to assemble a remote team and ensure you have reliable technology while considering participants’ time zones and objectives. Choose engaging activities with simple agendas, and encourage attendance through fun incentives and friendly competition. Regularly dedicating 60 or 90 minutes together once a month or quarter will strengthen your team and foster collaboration.

How much does virtual team building cost?

The price of virtual team building events can vary since it depends on the activity you choose. We offer top online activities including Virtual Casino Night, Beer Tasting, Jeopardy!®, Mission to Mars, Team Painting, an International Food Tour, a Haunted House Virtual Escape Room, Quickfire Olympics, and more. Simply reach out to us to request a quote. You can also view the appropriate team size and time needed by clicking on the event listing.

Can you play as teams or are all games played as individuals?

You will mostly play as a team. This enables employees to communicate, solve problems, have fun, and create a stronger team dynamic. Moreover, team members will be able to utilize skills that are needed in a daily work environment.

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