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In this unique wellness experience, your remote team will sit back in the comfort of their homes or office to close their eyes, relax and embark on a gently-guided journey. No previous meditation experience? No problem.

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A Virtual Wellness Experience

Praised as the ultimate nerve-soother for a punishing lifestyle, Meditainment can help anyone experience the power of a calm mind. Enjoying this refreshing meditation is as easy as closing your eyes to enjoy a relaxing story. Meditation has many well-known benefits including stress reduction, pain relief, improved mood and sleep quality and more. It’s a really great way to recharge while feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally.

With peaceful nature sounds and soft lighting to set the mood, your group views a stunning collection of images representing places they might travel to on their guided meditation journeys. Popular favorites include Secret Garden, Lost City, Deep Ocean, Mountain Refuge, Desert Oasis and Blue Lagoon. Each person can select their own journey, or they can vote as a group with our online polling feature – your choice.

They’ll then enjoy a preparatory exercise to ease the body and calm their thoughts. This is followed by a guiding narrative designed to encourage deep feelings of relaxation and contentment. The storyline ends by gently preparing your team for their return to daily life, rested and recharged.

Yoga lovers generally agree that the many benefits to overall wellbeing actually build over time. When you book this event, be sure to ask about giving your team ongoing subscriptions of their own.

Team size
  • 10 - 500
Time needed
  • 30-45 minutes
Space requirement

Each participant needs a computer, tablet or phone with a stable internet connection, plus a place to sit or lay down comfortably.

Ideal for
  • Promoting mindfulness 
  • Relaxation and focus
  • Motivational energy
  • Reducing stress

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