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If you’re working from home due to COVID-19 we understand it can be hard to switch off. Our guided meditations help your team to calm the mind, alleviate anxiety, and reduce stress. It’s as easy to do as following a relaxing story with your eyes closed. Enjoy the wellness benefits through a restful and imaginative ride with Meditainment Online!

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A Virtual Wellness Experience

Guided meditation for stress reduction, rest, and recharge.

Meditation – it’s amazing stuff!

With sounds of nature and subdued lighting, participants are introduced online to the guided meditation experience with stunning images of the places they can travel to on a guided meditation journey. These include amazing places such as the Secret Garden, Lost City, Deep Ocean, Mountain Refuge, Desert Oasis, and the Blue Lagoon. Participants can choose their own journeys or they can vote on it with our online polling.

What to expect during a guided meditation:

  1. A preparatory exercise that eases the body and calms thoughts.
  2. Story-line that encourages feelings of contentment and relaxation.
  3. The narrative about a wellbeing topic for reflection in the meditative state.
  4. Story-line that leads to a return to daily life.

Acclaimed by the public and press alike as the “ultimate nerve-soother for a punishing lifestyle”, with Meditainment anyone can experience the power of their calm mind first time! Enjoy the wellbeing benefits of joining any of our guided meditations that are quickly felt. You’ll feel an improvement physically, mentally, and emotionally shortly after you begin an imaginative ride.

Meditation That Takes You Places!

Group Size

10 - 500

Time Needed

10 - 30 min. each

Space Requirement

Easily enjoyed from any device, (cell, tablet, laptop) from any location with internet access.

Ideal For

Meditainment is perfect for groups looking for:

  • Mindfulness & awareness
  • Relaxation & focus
  • Motivation & energy
  • Stress reduction

Meditation has many well-known benefits including stress reduction, pain relief, relaxation, calming the mind, alleviate anxiety, insomnia relief, as well as improved mood and sleep quality, and generally being better equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs.


In this unique wellness experience, your remote team will sit back in the comfort of their homes or office and relax, close their eyes, and visualize their journey. Absolutely no previous meditation experience is necessary; it’s as easy as listening to a relaxing story with your eyes closed! Ask about giving access to your team following the event to a subscription of their own.

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Even with all of the packaged event options we offer, you may need something different. Maybe a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes… We can help.

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