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By: Molly Chronister|January 9, 2015| Save This Idea


This event will be sure to make a lasting impression on everyone involved!

What better way to bond with your team than to give back to the community with them? The Do Good Bus can take you there! Buses hold 20-50 team members and travel to a secret location. When you arrive you’ll find out how you will be spending the day. Just choose the location you wish to be picked up at and get ready for a day of fun!do good bus

This is an especially great program because aside from bonding with your company, you’re volunteering your time to people and communities that really need it. Your time will be donated to things such as cleaning community gardens, planting trees and flowers, preparing meals for the hungry, and fund raising for causes. We will work closely with your company to research the best activities your team members will thrive at to ensure a productive day. We want to create an atmosphere that proves to be a great place to collaborate and improve communication skills while donating time. do good bus

While one Do Good Bus trip makes an amazing impact on the community, just think about what multiple trips would do! Our team can create a year long plan and incorporate as many Do Good Trips as you’d like. You will be able to work with different communities, causes, and non-profits and really tap into your volunteering side. This plan of action will ensure long term success for your company and will continuously provide challenges for your team to overcome and grow from. The stronger the team the better!

Have a retreat or convention coming up? Make it point to get on the Do Good Bus and give back to the community you’ll be visiting. While you’re in town you can expand your list of teamwork skills and be able to say you donated time doing something meaningful for that community. After a day of giving back our team could even schedule in a visit for your company to go to a tourist destination like a museum or local bar! Building teamwork skills, volunteering, and sight seeing? Sounds like a day well spent!

The Do Good Bus is the perfect program to ensure valuable team bonding skills all while giving back to the community. You can’t lose when you ride the Do good Bus!


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