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About Lindsay Boccardo

Using humor, vulnerable stories and a bit of nostalgia Lindsay will help your teams work better together.

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For more than a decade, Lindsay has been coaching, researching and developing programs for millennials. Fascinated by the intersection of four unique generations in the workforce, Lindsay’s expertise now spans across industries and age groups to focus on creating meaningful experiences at work.

As a nationally-recognized generational expert, Lindsay has partnered with organizations such as, Thrivent, Roche and the Indiana Supreme Court, and works frequently with both college campuses and companies of all sizes around the country to enhance their effectiveness through building successful multi-generational teams.

Lindsay earned a degree in psychology and public communication from Syracuse University, and a professional coaching certification through the International Coach Federation. She has been seen on WISH-TV, Fox 55 Fort Wayne (Indiana) and most frequently on her wildly popular LinkedIn video series.

By providing education through one-on-one programs, group training and keynote speeches around the country, Lindsay empowers organizations to maximize the talent of their diverse workforce and helps individuals find the joy in understanding why every generation matters.

Keynotes [Virtual Keynotes & In-Person Keynotes Available]

KEYNOTE #1: Every Generation Matters Why Building Multi-Generational Teams is the Future of Work

Generations misunderstanding each other is not a new problem. In fact, every generation thinks the one that comes after them is less competent, more entitled or harder to work with in the office.

​ The good news is that no one generation is broken.

According to a 2019 study, multi-generational teams with a range of 25 years or more from youngest to oldest meet or exceed expectations 73% of the time. Those with a narrow range of less than 10 years did so only 35% of the time. The future of work is truly about inclusion. Leadership acumen is measured by a person’s ability to transform diverse groups of humans into cohesive, effective and compassionate teams.

In this interactive session, Lindsay will guide a conversation about generational differences over the five decades of employees in today’s workforce. Together, attendees will examine experiences they had growing up and how those directly affect their relationships at work.

In this session, attendees will learn:

• Why the divide exists between different generations

• What motivates employment decisions across ages and generations

• What future young employees will be looking for in your company culture

• How you can increase the positive impact of a multi-generational workforce in your business

KEYNOTE #2: Millennials as Managers: Preparing for a New Era of Management in Your Workplace

By 2030, Millennials will make up 75% of your employee work force. Forward thinking companies have changed their culture to meet them as employees, and now we will need to build them up as leaders.

What skills do millennials rarely have (and will need) to be able to manage well? What skills do they innately have that will make your company stronger under their leadership?

In this highly interactive session, you will learn the three skills millennials need to master (and be stronger in than their peers) to be a long lasting leader in your organization for years to come.

In this session, you will learn:

• How and why leadership has changed the last 100 years

• Why millennials will use a very different style of leadership than generations past

• The three skills that Millennial managers will need to focus on to overcome generational differences

KEYNOTE #3: Five Attitudes In the Office: How to Spot Them and Master Your Interactions

You walk into the office and you notice that your normally confident teammate is in a sour mood. You’re leading a team and there’s one person who tends to be more combative and difficult, especially under stress. Someone is discouraged at the results of their project and someone else is doing an awesome job. And yet, you still need to work with each of these people today to get your job done.

How do you maneuver through these different attitudes? As a leader and team player, you may see one or all of these in a single day (or a single hour) in your office.

In this presentation, you’ll understand the five attitudes in the workforce and how you can manage them all without feeling the pressure to make everyone happy. (Oh and by the way, you experience all of these, too!)

In this session, you will learn:

• How to define the term “attitude” and understand how attitudes are formed

• Techniques to examine the five basic attitudes you experience in the office • Why people fluctuate (sometimes very quickly) between attitudes

• How to handle each attitude within yourself and with others

• How to approach employees and/or co-workers in any emotional state using specific tools and strategies

KEYNOTE #4: Breaking It Down: What You Need to Know about Millennials and the Changing Landscape of Banking

Millennials are changing the way banks do business. As we race to adapt to their unique needs and diverse consumer expectations, we can feel confused, tired and unsure of what the future really holds.

As a consumer, 71% of Millennials would rather see the dentist then listen to what banks are saying. It’s easy to see why both parties may not be clicking with each other and causing frustration for the other.

The good news: All hope is not lost! In this session, national Millennial expert Lindsay Boccardo will show you how to think differently about the future of banking and your Millennial customer. She will give you the Millennial viewpoint on what’s working (and what’s not) in banking and what her generation is looking for from you as they enter their early years in the workforce.

In this session, you will learn:

• Why traditional banking strategies aren’t working as they used to

• What Millennials worry about as consumers and why it matters for your industry

• How to communicate to the deep needs of the Millennial generation to your staff

• What Millennials want from you when they walk in the door to your bank

• Millennials’ perspective on the future of money

• The factors that are influencing Millennial financial decisions


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