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Worst Case Scenario

At Your Hotel, Conference Center or Resort

Program Overview

Worst Case Scenario Team Building Program Logo

Our team builds a mystery room escape game for your team at the hotel, resort or conference center of your choice.

Imagine your corporate identity blended with a realistic cyber espionage crisis and your team is in the thick of it!  Utilizing actual hotel rooms and hiding the game in plain sight makes this the most unique escape room team building activity available today. Every team gets their own hotel room and plays the same scenario against one another at the same time. You have 60 minutes to save the company! Is your team up to the mystery room escape challenge?

While it looks like any other ordinary hotel room, it’s a mystery puzzle, and your team needs to escape the room.  Find the hidden objects, figure out the clues, solve cerebral challenges and intricate puzzles to avoid a terrible (albeit fictitious) demise in this escape room team building game customized to your company/industry.  The best advice? Move quickly before the time runs out!

Our Host(s) and Facilitation team will welcome the group, give a brief explanation about the upcoming ‘situation at hand’ and explain some simple ground rules.  Teams of 6 – 8 will each be assigned their own hotel room and will be instructed how the escape room team building game will involve a combination of tactile props, our proprietary tablet application, and custom audio & video elements to create the overall game zone atmosphere and surroundings. Then, the mind-bending fun begins…

We can’t divulge too many of our creative game details…or what fun would the mystery room escape game for your group? We will tell you this; your group will be tested with a series of intricate cerebral puzzles and interactive challenges.  Teams will acquire rewards, find hidden “Easter Eggs” and stumble into red herrings if they’re not careful.  The ultimate goal is to keep participants on their toes, brainstorming and always collaborating as a cohesive group.  Together, they will discover, uncover and interpret all of the vital information presented within the game zone.  Everything they need to be successful will be supplied – they simply need to be observant, attentive, think outside of the box, problem solve and most importantly, time manage very carefully.

After the game is concluded, the overall Escape Room champions will be crowned (we will either hand the presentation over or you can allow us to deliver the awards presentation in a fun and lively manner).  If desired, the Host(s) & Facilitation team can also walk the entire group through the ultimate game solution(s).


Group Size

12 - 400

Time Needed

2 - 3 hours

Space Requirement
  • An open space is required for this event
  • A Meeting Room for the start and finish
  • Guest Rooms must be secured for this event by us or the client with the event starting no less than 5 hours after check-in
Ideal For
  • Collaboration & Accomplishing Common Goal
  • Performance & Continuous Improvement
  • Individual and Team Development
  • Relationship Building & Networking
Are you ready to face a Worst Case Scenario?

Your company has recently developed a groundbreaking new software program that is destined to be an industry-changing force. It has the potential to alter the way you and your competitors do business. You secretly work for a covert government entity and your group’s teams are the finest “cyber-espionage” units in the world. In just 60 minutes, you and your team must prevent this new creation from falling into the wrong hands. Your company’s very survival depends on it.


Our skilled program designers can build a game for any location, situation, language, and corporate team. Injecting your corporate identity and the location of your gathering, we can create scenarios that are entirely fictional like, zombie attacks, toxic spills, or more realistic themes such as murder mysteries, theft and loads more. If your organization can imagine it then we can write, produce and execute it!

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