Drumming Up A Team

Team building with percussion offers a range of documented benefits, including increased employee satisfaction, productivity and loyalty. This exhilarating activity is guaranteed to create stronger, more productive teams.

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Building Teams, Uniting Companies.

Create an upbeat spirit of community celebration!

Drumming together is a great activity for creating a sense of camaraderie and connection. But going even further, the experience of playing music within a group also teaches people to listen – even if a participant has no prior musical background. And when individuals pay attention to the full rhythm produced by their group, they actually become more aware of their own unique positions within it. 

This upbeat program manages to celebrate unity and diversity at the same time, and infuse the 21st-century work environment, as well as people’s lives, with an upbeat spirit of confidence and celebration. Each participant is given their own drum or percussion instrument and they then prepare for a variety of fun facilitated activities!

We have many versions of this program for every type of team. (see below)

Variations of this program:

Energizing Rhythms™ (15 – 60 minutes):  A celebratory team building activity for opening/closing corporate events, retreats and conferences.

Rhythms Of Community™ (45 – 120 minutes): Team building, energizing and celebrating rhythms for individual departments and the entire workforce.

Community Rhythm Festival™ (30 – 60 minutes): A facilitated drum circle-style jam session. Great as an icebreaker, or to and create an upbeat spirit of community celebration.

Rhythm Teams™ (1 – 3 hours): A cooperative (not competitive) approach to integrating teams more fully. Your group is divided into teams; each team can have either a different instrument type, or a mix of the same instruments.

Leadership Rhythms™ (45 – 90 minutes): Learn the fundamentals of facilitating and even conducting a drum circle, then take turns practicing them with other participants. A  playful, down-to-earth way to explore leadership skills.

Corporate Rhythm Residency™ (One or more days): Combine multiple programs over one or more days for corporate conferences, retreats and more. A powerful way to drum the stress away, energize your team and create real harmony.

Team size
  • 12 - 200+
Time needed
  • Approximately 2 hours
Space requirement

This event works well either indoors or out. Either way, you’ll want enough space for your entire group seated in a circle. Be sure to choose a location where you’ll be free to make some serious noise.

Ideal for
  • Reducing stress 
  • Improving teamwork and communication
  • Energizing and motivating a team 
  • Aligning participants with company values and goals

TeamBonding is all about customization. We offer 6 variations of this program, plus a range of different instrument types. You also have the option to give each participant a small souvenir as a fun, playable reminder of your event.

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