Give your team a nostalgic 80s feel with 8-bit music and unique minigame-style challenges. Synergk is a one-of-a-kind collaborative team building experience where players cannot play alone and must rely on their team to move forward.  

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The ideal experience to unite high-performance teams.

From start to finish, it is clear this engaging game format has been designed to not only encourage teams to work together and build strong team dynamics but have fun while doing so. That being said, Synergyk also provides teams with helpful feedback regarding their strengths and weaknesses in both problem-solving and teamwork.

Once separated into smaller teams, your dedicated event facilitator will guide you through a series of minigame challenges played through electronic components such as buttons and joysticks creating a unique experience you just can’t find anywhere else. The minigames combine puzzles, coordination, and give each team member the chance to use their abilities to show the team their strengths while having a great time.

The small group sizes used in Synergyk allow participation from everyone on the team and the game format enables players to enjoy the experience together on a level playing field.

But of course, the only way to win is with strong teamwork. The game analyzes each score from every minigame and generates a team report with feedback. This is a powerful program that provides teams and players with results they can take back to work with them.


The game combines tests of ingenuity, coordination, and skill to offer an entertaining experience for any player profile.


The interaction with the game is done through electronic elements such as buttons, joysticks, and LEDs, generating a unique user experience.


It’s a casual gaming experience and the cute game show host will put players in the most hilarious situations.


The style of the minigames and the 8-bit soundtrack exude nostalgia for video games of the 80s.

Team size
  • 10-80
Time needed
  • 1.5 - 2 hours
Space requirement

This indoor activity requires a private function space. You’ll want a round table for each team (chairs optional), plus one large rectangular table at the front of the room for event materials. You’ll also need a large screen and projector with an HDMI video connection. Events with 50 or more people work best with a microphone and speaker setup.

Ideal for
  • Recognizing individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Strengthening team dynamics
  • Energizing a long meeting or conference
  • Encouraging problem-solving

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