Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkins + carving kits + your team = one creative and fun team building event.

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Group Size

10 - 200

Time Needed

2 hours

Space Requirement

An indoor space with about 20-30 sq. ft per person. Tables, chairs and trash cans needed.

Ideal For

  • Great ice breaker
  • Annual events or holiday parties
  • Engaging the mind and hands in creative problem solving

Event Description

Pumpkin Carving as a team building game is a great way to enjoy autumn and the Halloween season, have a lot of fun and boost morale as teams work together to design, shape and carve or decorate pumpkins. The pumpkins can either kept by the participants or brought back to the office. Prizes and awards make it all the more memorable. This event is also great as part of a larger networking event.

Pumpkin Carving teamwork group bonding exercises range from the traditional “jack-o-lantern” style to brilliant and imaginative works of art. Pumpkin carving/sculpting has been a tradition in America for decades and accompanies one of the most creative and whimsical holidays, Halloween. Between costumes, candy and the frightfully fun tradition of trick-or-treating, Halloween can’t be beaten!

In Pumpkin Season and we use REAL pumpkins for your event. We can bring the seasonal fun to you and your team, year round. In place of real pumpkins, or off season and/or to save the mess of clean up, we have extremely realistic foam pumpkins that come in various sizes. They look like pumpkins and most importantly, they’ll carve like a pumpkin! Your group will get a team building event that is lively and engaging, because, for us, fun is the name of the game. So let’s bust out the carving gear and see what you’ve got! In October, real pumpkins are available for your carving pleasure.

Your master pumpkin sculptor will bring carving tools, pumpkins, gourds and assorted vegetables. Don’t worry about making a mess, aprons are supplied!


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