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Keys To Success

Puzzle-Solving Treasure Hunt

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Program Overview

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Keys to Success is a corporate scavenger hunt adventure with puzzles. Teams travel on foot to unlock hidden locked boxes and use the contents of the boxes, along with a decoder, to solve a final meta-puzzle. These are no ordinary puzzles and it will take a diverse set of skills and talents to solve them. The mission? To celebrate everyone’s talents and demonstrate knowledge comes in many forms! Sounds simple enough, right? Well, there’s one slight catch: each box is secured with a different lock, and each team begins the event with only a couple of keys.

The team that answers the final meta-puzzle, a riddle, first will win!  One of the most interesting things about this treasure hunt team building activity is that typically the team that collects all the items the fastest rarely wins, since solving the riddle takes a very different set of skills than just completing each step.

So exactly how do you collect all the keys necessary for victory? If you’re alert and have an eye for detail, you’ll discover some on your own. Others can only be secured through shrewd trading with other teams. You’ll have chances to win still more keys in a wild and wacky series of physical challenges. Past events have included rock-paper-scissors, three-legged races, even paper airplane throwing contests — as far as we’re concerned, the sky’s the limit for Keys To Success.


Group Size

12 - 140

Time Needed

2 – 3 hours

Space Requirement

Any outdoor park, conference center resort or even a willing mall or museum can work.  Teams typically work within a one square mile play zone.

Ideal For
  • New product launches
  • Sales meetings
  • Break up long meetings


  • Problem solving
  • Boost team spirit/morale
  • Critical thinking
  • Fun and challenging

There’s plenty of room for customization with this event, so we can easily include optional training or debriefing which focuses on whatever subject you choose.

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