Ice Sculpting

The 'coolest' team building event

Bringing teams together through the “Power of Ice!”  This three hour ice carving team building challenge is a fantastic test of team work and skill. Available anywhere in the US or Canada, this ice sculpting workshop is fun, fast-paced and totally unique.

SCULPTEAMS_LOGO_RGB_SM-01When we first started offering our Ice Sculpting program, there were those who didn’t think it was a good idea. For them, this was definitely not “the world’s coolest team building event” or  “the perfect ice breaker.”  However, the first time we produced this event for a pharmaceutical team in New Jersey, everyone was on board. This was one of the greatest events they’d ever taken part in. Now, years later, feedback continues to exceed even the highest expectations as our ice sculptor facilitators continue to wow teams.

Let’s get this out of the way right up front: no, we don’t do ice sculpting with chain saws. TeamBonding is known for stretching the boundaries of fun, but even we have our limits. What you do get is an interesting, out-of-the-ordinary team building experience that serves as a great icebreaker.

So, how does it work? Participants are divided into teams whose ultimate goal is to sculpt a block of ice into a masterpiece. The results can be pretty impressive. As with all of our events, you get the famous TeamBonding touch! Our facilitators are great at engaging hearts and minds.  Now put on some gloves, grab a chisel and get creative!

Group size

15 - 250+

Time needed

1.5 - 2 hours

Space requirements

Venue of your choice, previous venues have included hotels, conference centers, bars and restaurants. If indoors, melting ice chips should be taken into account when selecting a function space.

“I wanted to write to thank you for organizing our two holiday events that both went off smoothly. Everyone had a great time and really loved the events that we chose. I think the initial expression on everyone’s face when they saw we were doing ice sculpting was not so good, but Mark did a wonderful job turning that around in a matter of seconds! He was a pleasure to work with and really made the events fun. The winery couldn’t have been a better fit after doing the ice event. It was not only relaxing it had a lot of energy to it as well.”

splash D.Z. – The Portland Group

“The ice sculpting as an activity was a big hit. I got endless comments on how unique it was and how much everyone enjoyed it. This activity was great because it didn’t alienate anyone or create any awkward situations where people are put on the spot, or where un-athletic people are uncomfortable, etc, as some team building activities tend to do. It was a great success and planning from start to finish was very smooth. I will certainly be in touch in the future should we hold another similar event and I will also not hesitate to recommend TeamBonding to others.”

puma L.L. – PUMA SE

“We had a great time during the ice carving event.  Dominique was amazing! It takes a certain type of person to be able to train a bunch of executives how to carve ice, let alone when English isn’t their first language. We couldn’t have had a better time!”

ebay R.C. – eBay

“Since this was the first fall event I had planned, I was pleased to learn that it was the highest rated group activity that we have ever had!  People really enjoyed doing something they’d never done before, and getting to know those on their team better. The facilitators were great, and so fun to work with.  All in all, a very successful event!  Thanks for your help and encouragement in selecting this for our group!”

LabAnswer_Logo_96ppi_06 LabAnswer

“The ice sculpting event was wonderful. The team loved being able to be creative and working with others to solve a completely unexpected problem. The facilitator did a very nice job of setting up and explaining how to use the tools. It was a big success. Also, I LOVED working with your team to arrange the event. I could not have asked for a better experience!”

cna S.M. – CNA Insurance

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