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Ice Sculpting

The coolest team building event ever

Program Overview


We admit it – when we suggested an ice sculpting team building class, a few of our staff wondered if we’d finally lost it. But the first group who booked it (a pharmaceutical team in New Jersey, for the record) absolutely loved everything about their event. And everybody still seems to love it. Seriously, client feedback is off the charts, time after time.

Let’s make one thing clear – your teams will not be using chainsaws to create masterpieces out of solid ice blocks. They will use gloves, chisels, cooperation and lots of laughter. The results can be pretty impressive. Some ambitious teams even do company logos and other branding elements. As always, your intrepid TeamBonding facilitators take every event to the next level.


Group Size

8 - 250+

Time Needed

1.5 - 2 hours

Space Requirement

Venue of your choice, previous venues have included hotels, conference centers, bars and restaurants.

Ideal For
  • Annual events or holiday parties
  • The perfect “ice breaker”
  • Conferences

Every program we offer can be tailored – in fact, we like it that way. Tailoring is one of the big reasons for our ongoing success.

Rave Reviews From Clients

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