Ice Cream Challenge

with Liquid Nitrogen

Turning raw ingredients into sweet and delectable ice cream requires expertise, precision and creativity. It’s a fascinating process that will require all of your team and leadership skills to be put into action.


ice cream team building challenge

The Ice Cream Challenge is a fun-filled and competitive program that combines the knowledge gained from various expert workshops with the unique experiential facilitation of TeamBonding. This will be a program that promises an unforgettable and delicious team building adventure. What interesting new flavor will your team come up with? Will it win over the judges? Find out at the Ice Cream Challenge!

When everyone is ready to begin, your group will be divided into competitive teams of 4 to 6 participants. Participants must leave their team to gain expertise in one specific ice cream making skill including recipe basics, waffle cone making, equipment instructions, and marketing. Teams must then bring together their new skills and develop a brand new ice cream flavor. Later, teams must present their new flavor to the panel of judges and one team will be recognized as the Ice Cream Challenge champions. However, all participants are winners as they enjoy their ice cream and homemade waffle cones during the awards ceremony. This is a sweet team bonding challenge you won’t forget!

Group size

10 - 70

Time needed

2 to 3 hours

Space requirements

Enough space for 1 table per team. An open space will also be needed from the size of a meeting room to the size of a ballroom, depending on numbers of participants.

“The group really enjoyed both exercises. They were a lot of fun.  In looking around the room you could see people smiling and thoroughly engaged. Hopefully, we’ll be choosing more exciting exercises for our future events!”

Howard Hughes Medical Institute F.S. – Howard Hughes Medical Institute

“Your team delivered a top notch event that was both fun and relevant. It enabled us to achieve our goal of creating more familiarity within our group and also enhanced morale. We received excellent feedback from all of our participants.”

scotia mcleod A.W. – ScotiaMcLeod

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