The Charity Bike Build

Hundreds of companies have used our Charity Bike Build to donate nearly 20,000 bikes to grateful children around the world. Of all the team building programs we offer, the Charity Bike Build is truly our #1 favorite.

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The World's Greatest Team Building Program

Do you recall receiving your very first bicycle, maybe as a birthday or holiday present?

All of us do – there’s just something magical and timeless about the experience. This charitable event brings that joy directly to local kids who would otherwise never get the chance to feel such pure excitement. TeamBonding partners with local children’s organizations (Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs) to bring you this heartwarming event. The program is really powerful, quickly engaging people in ways most have never experienced before. 

Our charity bike build inspires people to work harder and more passionately than if they were just working for themselves. It’s a great opportunity to practice teamwork and collaboration with a clear positive goal in mind. If you’d like, we may even be able to arrange to have children on-site to accept their shiny new bikes. If there’s such a thing as the perfect team building event, this is surely it.

Team up, build bikes, and share the thrill of giving with our heartwarming charity bike build event.

Team size
  • 15 - 1,000
Time needed
  • 1 - 2 hours
Space requirement

25 sq. ft. of open space per participant is a good rule of thumb. This event works well indoors or outdoors – an office building, ballroom or conference room would be perfect.

Ideal for
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 
  • Collaborating toward a common goal
  • Friendly competition
  • Networking
  • Fun

TeamBonding oversees all logistics, coordinating with your venue, charity representative and potential in-person recipients. Remember, if you plan to have children attend to collect their new bikes, keep this part a surprise for the participants. The surprise value and emotional impact of the big finale cannot be overstated.

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