Charity Bike Build

The Original CSR Team Building Event

TeamBonding partners with local children’s organizations (such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.), wherever your event takes place, to offer this charitable team building event. This activity will contribute a memorable gift to children who would otherwise never have the joy you experienced while riding your first bicycle.

At this charitable bike building event, teams are armed with wrenches and enthusiasm as they race to construct the ultimate human-powered, no-gasoline-needed rocket: children’s bicycles. From the creative folks at TeamBonding, our Charity Bike Build program facilitators have helped hundreds of companies just like yours build bikes for kids for charity (more than 14,000 bicycles and counting) around the world.

One of your fondest childhood memories is probably the day you received your very first bicycle for your birthday or Christmas, wrapped with a big bow around the handlebars. You probably spent all summer outside, cycling around with your friends, or going on rides through the woods with your family.

But for the many impoverished families throughout America, it can be tough to afford the cost of food and rent, let alone luxuries like toys and bikes. Although bicycling can help children build coordination and self-esteem, and provides a wonderful source of exercise, many kids are forced to go without this cherished childhood pastime.

For most of the children involved, typically ages 7-9, this will be their first bicycle! We partner with charities such as Boys and Girls Clubs and Bikes for Tykes. We’re also happy to partner with a local charity of your choice.

New Option: Green Machines!green machine charity build

Get ready for spin action with the Huffy 20″ Green Machine, which features a durable steel frame with stylish black and lime green accents and dual-stick steering for awesome 180-degree spins!

Ask your Account Manager about adding Green Machines to your Charity Bike Build today.


Group size

15 - 1,000

Time needed

2 - 3 hours

Space requirements

20 square feet of open space per participant is a good guideline. The Charity Bike Build can be indoors or outdoors – your office building, a ballroom or a conference room.

“Thank you all so much for a wonderful event. The entire group has been talking about how much fun it was. The favorite part by far was seeing the looks on the kids’ faces as they came into the room, so I’m really glad it worked out that they could come. Would you please give our thanks to the entire group at TeamBonding – Paul, Brad, Deric, Mary, Michael, and Russ. Paul was amazing! Our group is full of shy introverts and he did a fabulous job drawing everyone out, getting them involved and having fun, and all without making anyone feel uncomfortable. That’s a big task! The group wants to do something like this again so I have a feeling we’ll be calling you again next year sometime.”

Biogen_Idec_Logo M.A. – Biogen Idec

“Everyone was so moved, and obviously surprised, when the kids came in to accept their bikes. The staff was amazing, engaging and funny. I have told many people about this already, as have others in our company. We have had two very successful events with you and I highly recommend TeamBonding to people I speak with. My only complaint is that I really don’t think I’ll be able to top this next year!”

fitlinxx A.N. – FitLinxx

“The Bike-build went great and I particularly wanted to let you know that Kevin did a great job in leading the workshop. Everyone had a great time during the whole event but seeing the kids faces when they walked in was priceless.”

teamworks M.R. – TeamWorks International

“The Bike Build event was a tremendous success.  Your team did a great job. At our recap meeting today, we all agreed that TeamBonding is a company we can depend on to provide an outstanding event. We will be having another session in February and will be searching for options with TeamBonding.”

medtronic_logo_square S.D. – Medtronic, Inc.

“The event was a success and we are very pleased with the execution of the event. It was great joy to see the kids face once they received their bikes. To this day clients are still talking about the bike build!”

Jack-Morton A.L. – Jack Morton Worldwide

“It was a great event. They just loved Matt!  They thought that he was fabulous in getting the audience engaged. Thank you so much for all your assistance and I do hope we get the chance to work together again!”

logo N.B. – Keir Associates

“I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with the bike build.  The build went off without a hitch, the teams were really into the competition not knowing that the kids would be showing up later in the day.  Once the kids arrived, it was just awesome and our folks loved it.”

tjx-cos_200x200 K.M. – TJX

“Our Charity Bike Build donation event was a huge success.  Matt and his team handled everything beautifully, and our group had a ton of fun.  I heard nothing but positive comments afterwards. One comment today was ‘after working here for 12 years and participating in many team building events, this one is at the top of my list.’ Seeing the kids receive the bikes was huge!  We will definitely recommend you to our colleagues.”

genentech A.R. – Genentech

“We heard nothing but great things about our bike build! It touched a lot of people and they were truly surprised when the kids came through the door. We look forward to future events!”

images-4 A.L. – The Dolben Company, Inc.

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