Let Them Eat Cake

The Power of Teamwork, Frosting & Fun!

Cooking shows, culinary learning experiences and tasty team building events are a hot trend and your group can get creative in this sweet team challenge.

Let Them Eat Cake

cake decorating team buildingOnce they get into it, everyone has serious fun designing and decorating a cake. Even (or maybe especially) if they’ve never done it before. This culinary team building event begins with delicious sheet cakes already baked to perfection, so forget that old line about needing to break a few eggs here; it’s all about decoration and presentation. Naturally, we provide all cakes and a wild assortment of decorating supplies.

Let Them Eat Cake is framed as a friendly competition in which teams sketch possible designs, working together to focus the vision behind their sweet masterpiece. Will they go for the company logo? Some symbol that reflects how the team sees itself? A culinary caricature of your CEO? The cakes are then sculpted according to each teams plan, and soon the frosting begins to fly. Teamwork…diplomacy…bargaining…and plenty of laughter. And when your friendly TeamBonding Pastry Chef/facilitator calls time, each group gets to present their creation, complete with team cheer and an explanation of the design. Any way you slice it, our Let Them Eat Cake program is a fabulous morale booster and a great way to pull everyone together.

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Group size

From a bakers dozen well into the hundreds.

Time needed

2 to 3 hours

Space requirements

No kitchen needed! A conference room, meeting room or pavilion with enough tables and chairs to accommodate your full group. A stage or open space at one end of the room is helpful.

“The event was a success! Everyone had a great time and the funniest story was fitting all of the cakes and frosting into my little rental car!”

Raytheon Team Building C.E. – Raytheon

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