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In this series of articles we take five minutes to chat with a member of the TeamBonding team so you can get an idea of the sort of people we are.

In this installment, we will introduce our Production Manager, Kristin Gately. We sat down with her for five minutesĀ and discussed everything from favorite restaurants to favorite hobbies.

For how long have you been with TeamBonding?

Just over four years.

What has been your most memorable TeamBonding experience?

A couple years ago, a tornado blocked the ability for the materials of a program to get to Texas. The day was so hectic, but it was extremely satisfying once the materials made it safely right on times.

What do you do with your free time?

I like to hang out with my boyfriend, take road trips, and meet up with my friends scattered all across the country.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Seeing misspelled words.

What’s your biggest fear?

As stereotypical as it is, spiders have scared me all my life.

Describe yourself in three adjectives.

Laid-back, logical, and organized.

What’s your favorite restaurant?

Chatta Box in Bridgewater, although I like to try new foods all the time.

chatta box, lunch for a production manager

The most important thing in life is..?

Family and friends, as well as loving what you do.

Something people don’t know about you is..?

I’m obsessed with film scores. It’s my most listened to Pandora station.

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